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v0.1 Beta release of openoffice.org addon

Finally, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s 4:21 AM and I’m very happy to reach this stage with the openoffice addon.

You can download it Openoffice.org addon for clker.com integration . Installation is very easy, from the tools menu in openoffice, select Extension Manager. Click add, and point to the file. You will need to restart openoffice for it to work.

openoffice.org addon screenshot

This extension will show you the contents of your basket stored on clker, and will allow you to place any clipart image in the clipboard, then you can paste it in the correct place in your document.

Still there are some minor issues:

  1. The addon parent is currently null, so an extra window will appear in the task bar
  2. The way we place the picture in the clipboard is by loading it in draw, select all and copy then closing draw. There are better ways for doing this. You will notice that the screen will flicker especially if your using the ODG or the SVG formats since draw takes some time to render the vectors.

In case you wanted to play with the source, the addon source is here.

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28 Responses to “v0.1 Beta release of openoffice.org addon”

  1. Chris (DK Trophies) Says:

    Thanks for the great service. Love the addon. Thanks!

  2. Antony Says:

    Very Good

  3. Terry Says:

    attempted to load into OpenOffice using extensions manager. Error received is Could not create Java implementation loader. Its sitting in the manager extension disabled. OOo is v2.3. Any suggestion?

  4. Terry Says:

    Addtionally, the Creative Common menu option is not displayed at the bottom of menu item Insert after restarting OOo.

  5. Mohamed Ibrahim Says:

    I recall that I compiled it with Java 5. Just as a pre-caution make sure you update your Java virtual machine to the latest. Then from openoffice choose tools -> options , expand the “openoffice.org” option, select “Java” and make sure you are using the latest version of the java virtual machine.

    For the Creative Common menu, it looks like that you have another extension and there’s some sort of conflict there. I’m not sure which extension you have, but you can go to Tools -> Extension manager and send me the names of the extensions you’re using and I will try them.

    Thanks for feedback.

  6. William One Says:

    THanks Sounds COOL

  7. anechoic Says:

    I’ve installed the clkr.oxt into NeoOffice on OS X and I am getting the following error:
    “Error setting the look and feel”
    this happens during application launch and when an untitled document opens.

  8. Mohamed Ibrahim Says:

    I’m not sure if it will run on NeoOffice. I’ve got a bunch of things to fix on the website itself now. Once I’m done I’ll try to release a better version of the plugin.

  9. Taffy Says:

    Works fine if I select the ODG button. But I get various problems if I select SVG or PNG; Filter not found error, or OO just disappears. So I’m sticking with ODG for now ;-) .

    Would it be possible to modify the program so that it remembered the email address from the last time you used OO?

    Apart from that it’s a rather cool idea. Can’t wait to show my daughter who’s a clip-art junky.

    BTW, I’m using version 2.2 of OpenOffice.

  10. Edwin Says:

    Hello All,

    The installation went fine but I get the following error: Error communicating with Clker.com
    Can it handle proxy servers?

    Please led me know.

  11. Mohamed Ibrahim Says:

    Unfortunately no. I’m assuming there is a direct connection to the internet, or at most a NAT, which then should be transparent.

  12. S. Edwards Says:

    Great idea on the add-on. Unfortunately, whenever I try to copy a clip-art to the clipboard, the entire OpenOffice crashes.
    I am using the OOo 3.0 Beta in Vista.

  13. Ali Says:

    Hi, stupid question, but how can i add items to my basket?

  14. Mohamed Ibrahim Says:

    Ali: Click on the clipart you like and on the clipart page click on the little plus under the image (down to the right).

    The image should appear in your openoffice plugin.

    I know it is not very intuitive or straight forward, and we’ll work on making it better in the future.

  15. Miran Says:

    I think it does not work with openOffice 3.0? At least not for me.

  16. Mohamed Ibrahim Says:

    I haven’t tested it on 3.0 since it is in beta. But I will try it & post the results since you pointed it out. Thanks for the feedback.

  17. Mohamed Ibrahim Says:

    I tested it on 3.0 & it works. P.S. 3.0 is still not final, and things can change, and it might not even consistently run on all systems, since there still might be some bugs.

  18. John of Old Says:

    I have the same java loader problem that others describe using OOo 3.0 under Linux. I switched to another computer still running OOo 2.4 and it wouldn’t load there either.

  19. Joe Says:


    I downloaded the Extension and installed…..
    How do I activate/access “clipart”?

    I am using OOO Version 3 on Windows XP with SP3

  20. Mohamed Ibrahim Says:

    Register on the website, find the clipart that you want, click on it while you’re logged in, and click on the ‘+’ under it to add it to your basket.

    Go to open office, click on clker gallery, write your email in the box and click the refresh (or update) button.

  21. agentyikes Says:

    Installed in Openoffice 3.0 and 3.1 in Vista, Windows 7 and OS X leopard. It works only on Windows 7.
    Any help?

  22. Mohamed Ibrahim Says:

    This plugin is now old!!! :( I only tested it on XP….

  23. preciousryu Says:

    It’ NOT old!! It works fine with my 3.0 BUT it only gives me the top 16 in my basket!! I uploaded A LOT!! Is there any way around that OR am I just going to have add to my basket on a “when I need it” basis?? Let me know!! The plugin REALLY is COOL!! Without it how would I get pics on Open office??? UR AWESOME!!

  24. Darrell Says:

    OpenOffice 3.1.1 on Windows Vista Ultimate

    I installed clker menu and now want to uninstall.

    But I cannot figure out how to do that.
    Can someone help me?
    How do I remove clker menu?

    I even uninstalled and reinstalled open office but it istill there!

  25. Mohamed Ibrahim Says:

    I thin from the tools->extensions menu you should be able to delete or deactivate any of the extensions on openoffice.

  26. Asbjørn Says:

    Would it be possible to update this plugin with a search feature, somewhat similar to the TinyMCE plugin for clker.com?

    It would be quite nice to just search for tags and/or categories, and have a “browsing” feature.

  27. Mohamed Ibrahim Says:

    I actually wanted to do this for a very long time. I wanted to remove the basket from the plugin, and make it simple and easy…. you just search for a clipart, and click on it then it appears in your document….. so, it’s just a matter of time !!!!

  28. Huber Says:

    I have installed Open Offie 3.2.0 and installed the Add on. But I can’t paste the Images in my documents, they are ‘stuck’ in the Clker Gallery. What can I do?

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