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Professional graphics designers: Now you can show it on your profile

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

We just released a new feature that allows professional graphics designers to show two things:

1. It allows you to indicate on your profile that you are a professional graphics designer. The work “PRO” will then appear beside your name every where on clker, including the community activity on the homepage and on all your uploaded clipart pages.

2. If you are a professional, you may now select another option on your profile that indicates whether or not you may accept projects from other clker users (for a fee). Clker will not involved in any agreements and does not plan to to nor will be compensated. If you get a big project it’s yours – we’re happy for you.

The opposite is true. Now if you need help designing your website or your fliers, look for those blue buttons beside clker user. See their uploaded images and talk with them.

The reason we released this feature is the numerous emails and requests from people who have projects and are looking for a professional designer. Unfortunately, I don’t do that.

Look soon for another feature that will even help professional graphics designers and seekers more :) .

Further flex testing

Monday, December 1st, 2008

I’ve been doing more flex testing, and my initial impression is it is faster than my expectations. I did at least 7 different K-means tests with it, and tried to implement some image processing algorithms including edge detection, gradients, blurring and it is not slow.

However, flex does not have multithreading, which makes 1. makes it harder to do longer processing 2. makes it impossible to distribute the load across CPU cores. As a result, I had to implement a timer that calls a function every small interval, and inside that function I broke my processing into smaller pieces, and had to implement several states and switch between them. It actually made my implementation much more difficult and more sophisticated. I hope that at one point Adobe will add multithreading.

Some flex ideas

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008

I think adobe made a perfect recipe by throwing the flex sdk as open source. Morever, it is platform independent as the compiler is in java. The last couple of weekends I put some time to see what’s there. I was able to make a simple dev environment with emacs both on windows and on Linux.

Coding flex on linux seemed to be easier than on windows (at least for me). One big thing is the results of the trace command, which appear on the console on linux but are piped to some hidden file in windows that I have to keep refreshing to know what’s going on inside my code!

I’ve testing flex to see how far can it go in image processing and in image undersanding. I think that flex has lots of opportunities, at least better than java when it comes to online apps. The reason that I personally don’t like java for applets is the big memory footprint of its runtime environment, and that strange big delay when it loads, which makes it a very discouraging solution when compared to adobe’s flash.

Since I was fiddeling with bitmaps and bitmapdata, and after some tests – nothing was working. It turns out that the Flex’s help it written assuming that your developing flash – they like copied it from their old docs, without changing the examples. See here & my comment at the bottom:


So if it happens that you want to display flex objects using the addChild function, make sure you call the addChild on a UIComponent & not any other flex object, as they won’t recognize bitmaps or other dynamically created objects. I just added one in the mxml file:

<mx:UIComponent id="myUIComponent" />

Also read here:


actionscript mode for emacs

Monday, October 27th, 2008

I’ve been playing around with flex for a while now. I was able to setup a compile environment under liux using emacs, a Makefile.

I also found a mode for emacs to highlight actionscript 3 files here. It missed a hook, which will automatically set the actionscript-mode if a file of extension .as was loaded & could not find a way to comment on their blog, so it’s here for reference.

(setq auto-mode-alist (cons ‘(“\\.as$” . actionscript-mode) auto-mode-alist))

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