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How to Create XP Icons Using Adobe Illustrator
How to Create XP Style Icons Using Illustrator
This tutorial will give you a basic idea of how you can create Xp Style icons using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.
You can use free hand or any other graphic software and create the same by following the basic steps.
Open a new file in illustratorDraw three circles with decreasing diameters Fill one circle with the color and apply the gradient fill to the other two cirlces.
See Figure:Fill circle A with a dark red colorApply gradient fill to circle BApply gradient fill to circle CHandy Tips:
For drawing a perfect circle select the ellipse tool and press the shift key while drawing.Gradient tool: The colour in the gradient slider is selected according to the figure.Position your mouse on the top left corner of the circle and press the left mouse button and move your mouse to the right bottom corner without releasing the mouse button
To create a single image of the two rectangles you use the Pathfinder tool. This merges the common area into a single area with the Add to shape area.
CREATING THE 3-D EFFECT FOR THE PLUS SIGNThe depth of the 3-D effect is obtained by creating two duplicates of the Plus sign. The raised effect is created using subtract tool on the pathfinder. The images are then combined to form the 3-D plus.To make duplicates of the plus symbol (Alt + drag the image), select and drag the image with the mouse while pressing the Alt Key.Place the duplicate onto the original at an angle downward.
Select both the duplicates.Use Subtract from shape area in the pathfinder tool window and then click expand.Place the resultant object at the right top of the original plus sign as shown in the figure.
Your button style icon will appear as
You have thus successfully completed making a professional XP style red button icon.
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