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Double Wooden Bed 4 image

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Shared by: Bjorn Johansen
since Wednesday, 22-May-13 15:27:40 PDT

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Double Wooden Bed 4 Image
Double Wooden Bed 4
By: Bjorn Johansen
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AWicons you can easily search, create, edit, import/export and manage
icons, cursors, small graphics.
What's New In The Last Version
Tricks And Tips
if you wish to continue to use AWicons.
AWicons Lite is freeware version only for HOME using.
Full Version Features
All updates (new versions and bug fixes) are free for life;
No Shareware messages while using the AWicons;
Stock icons (Royalty-free Vista and XP icons):
Are you not satisfied how your website or application looks like?
Do you use customary free icons that thousands of other webmasters and
programmers already utilize in their projects? Want your product to stand
out and look better then your competitors to generate more sales?
Then check out these professional stock icon collections created by
world's most known icon designers that made AWicons Pro!
Number of collections - 9
Insofta Cover Commander (Virtual cover creator):
Cover Commander creates professional, custom-designed three-dimensional virtual
boxes for your software, e-books, DVDs, manuals, CD-ROMs, and even screenshots.
A simple picture, Cover Commander Wizard, and a few mouse clicks are all that's
necessary to get the job done.
The program’s extensive light, shadow, and reflection controls allow you
to render a box or a cover of just about any complexity and see the final
product as it is being made in the real-time preview window. The intelligent
project creation wizard does the complex work for you, thus you can concentrate
on the creative part of your project.
Artistic Effects (Photoshop plug-ins):
With human creativity the engine of modern graphical design, can an amateur
computer artist get the proper tools at a fair price in a world of expensive
graphics software?
Yes! Introducing Artistic Effects, a unique collection of professional
computer artist image and effect filters to start creating fantastic, colorful
artwork right away!
3D Maker (Photoshop plug-in):
Multiple studies indicate that 3D elements of graphical image are
perceived better thus making it easier for the designer to implement
the idea of his artwork.
Introducing 3D Maker, the unique
Photoshop plug-in intended to add a completely new dimension to your
artwork! It allows creation of pseudo 3D graphical elements out of
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AWinstall you can create compact and
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the job transparently.

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