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Shared by: Bjorn Johansen
since Saturday, 25-May-13 01:15:07 PDT

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Copy 7 Image
Copy 7
By: Bjorn Johansen
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This article provides information on the following topics:
Tryout or Corporate/Personal Edition
What file format should I use to transfer
an icon?
data. The two forks cannot be empty.
Data Fork - This is the file itself, its contents. For example, in a text document, this the text.For example, in a text document, this the text.
the file in the Finder or the Desktop. Usually the resource fork contains an icon.
When you
it to ICNS, RSC or MacBinary:
several formats) can be saved in this format. This format is the most
commonly used.
or RSRC - This is the Macintosh resource file format. It is used
support reading of RSC files with several icons but can write only RSC
files with one icon.
We strongly recommend to use this file format to transfer your icons
resource fork. The data fork contains the data included in the file (a
text file for example). The resource fork contains the image or icon which
permits to display it on screen. See below for more information on transfer
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OS using MacBinary
the easiest method is to use the MacBinary format. This format permits
to generate an icon compatible with the Mac OS forks. Once transferred,
the icon will be automatically displayed in the Macintosh Finder and on
the Desktop.
saves an icon in MacBinary format, it writes the icon in the resource
fork. The data fork is left empty. As a result, as soon as you receive
can handle it using the standard Finder/MacOS user interface.
In the following procedures, we'll use the MacBinary format
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Area Network)
computer are properly connected to the same LAN. The procedure below was
Preferences. A window opens. In Internet
The following window opens:
4. Double-click
6. Launch the
Finder and browse the folder where you have saved the BIN file.
7. Use mouse
Expander is launched and the icon file is automatically created as resource
Macintosh icon.
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make cursors
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