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Thumbs 27 image

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Shared by: Bjorn Johansen
since Saturday, 25-May-13 10:30:17 PDT

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Thumbs 27 Image
Thumbs 27
By: Bjorn Johansen
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David Vignoni
Illustrator CS4: bug hunting!
The good news: Outline Stroke
The first annoying behaviour that came into my mind was the Outline Stroke effect not working as expected when Align Stroke is set to inside or outside.
In Illustrator CS3 the Outline Stroke effect always expands strokes as centered aligned.
The bad news: Blurred line under top border stroke
The only workaround I know is to Align Stroke to Outside and then to use the Appearance palette to move the Fill on top of the stroke.
Posted by Steven
Outline stroke still produces overlapping anchor points like in CS3.
I know several people who reported this bug to Adobe when CS3 came out. And it is still here in CS4.
Posted by David Vignoni
I also like the new tabbed view, and the transform palette is working properly when pixel is selected as unit.
But yeah, for what it costs it should be perfect!
Posted by Chris
desastrous error imo:
when opening freehand files does not work correct, although it claims to work perfect!
I am a Senior Visual Designer based in London.
All my work is thought around the user and my goal is always to provide ease of use and a pleasant user experience through thoughtful visual design.
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