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Shared by: Bjorn Johansen
since Sunday, 26-May-13 22:14:37 PDT

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By: Bjorn Johansen
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The Article for People who are Interested in Anti-Spam Security
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It's a straight forward yet comprehensive spam filter for Outlook combining Bayesian filtering with smart white lists and works with all accounts...
Heinz Tschabitscher, email.about.com
I'm very pleased with Spam Reader - it does a better job than built-in Outlook junk mail filter. I receive much spam and your product is a big help for me.
David Solomon, www.solsem.com
Our Users
Spam Reader is great! Its learning algorithm has gotten to the point where it seems flawless. Very little spam gets through, and no valid material is kicked out.
Mark Sarakis
The Article for People who are Interested in Anti-Spam Security
Unauthorized anonymous sending of e-letters is named spam. Spam is very strict problem with extending urgency. Daily there are sent from five to ten billion junk e-mail messages around the world. Furthermore, this number will rise in approximately two times during the nearest years.
There's a whole market that provides its customers with junk e-mail attendances and has ripe structure and scheme of work dispensation. Dispatching services, gatherers without addresses and program manufacturers are those structures that compile spam service market. Several functions may be united in one company. Such term as dilettante is also used in this sphere of activity. They publicize their own company in spite of outer customers. And occupational corporations perform modern junk e-mail services with qualified employees, modern equipment and juridical support of their business.
It's unrealizable to create the ideal software for junk e-mail identification, so it's good for you to assist Anti-Spam Outlook creating the list of safe senders and blocked addresses that will improve its work. You will see that a safe roll will include the addresses that won't be scanned by Outlook and will always be received to your inbox. Naturally enough that the other list includes addresses and domains from where you wait only spam and all messages coming from these addresses will be treated as junk e-mail.
Outlook uses several special stages to scan the messages that come to your mailbox. It utilizes different filters and strives to find some definite features in the messages to detect junk e-mail. For you to insure that everything is fine with your legitimate letters you should verify your Junk-Email folder from time to time and look through all messages before deleting them. It's probable to happen when your anti-spam security has rather high degree, so it can replace normal messages to Junk-Email folder. If Outlook rather often filters out letters from a certain normal sender then this question can be settled by appending the address of this correspondent to Safe Senders Roll.
But even the most perfect anti-spam programs cannot save you from spammers that will be capable to permeate to your inbox through the filter. Nevertheless if the consumer is patient enough it's probable to improve anti-spam security. You must all the time add the addresses that escaped Spam Filter for Exchange to the Blocked Senders List and that will improve the function of Outlook system.
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