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173 432x391 Solar Ftp Server Toolbar Icons image

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Shared by: Bjorn Johansen
since Sunday, 26-May-13 23:03:37 PDT

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173 432x391 Solar Ftp Server Toolbar Icons Image
173 432x391 Solar Ftp Server Too...
By: Bjorn Johansen
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BeeIcons.com - Program Features
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Change Folder Icon or Color
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Protect Web Forms from SPAM
Upload Screenshot to FTP
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Bee Icons Features
The ability to change almost any icon of your operating
listed here.
Support of Icon Themes
With this feature you can change all icons at once with few clicks. Naturally,
the program supports changes of individual icons as well.
Easy to use interface
Changing icons in Bee Icons is more convenient than in other programs of the
same type. Just select the object with the icon to be changed, choose a replacement
icon from a list of those available, then click the 'Apply' button. See illustrations
Multilingual interface
The program currently supports 35 languages. These are: English, German, French,
Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, Danish, Greek, Icelandic, Czech,
Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, Ukrainian, Byelorussian, Polish, Estonian, Romanian, Slovene, Bulgarian,
Hebrew, Indonesian, Korean, Arabian, Chinese-simplified, Chinese-traditional,
Turkish, Malayan, Magyar, Flemish, Afrikaans, Catalan and Thai.
Ability to create your own Icon Themes
It is very simple to create your own Icon Themes. The procedure is similar to
that used when changing icons. Bee Icons will help gather icons for your theme
a preview of the icons used in your theme.
Drag-and-Drop support
To open a theme or to change an icon you can drop the necessary file onto the
main window of the program. This feature is especially convenient during the
creation of a new icon theme.
Support of the most popular icon theme formats
Bee Icons supports the following icon theme formats:
IconPackager Themes. Bee Icons doesn't support IconPackager
themes but you can still use them. Icon Translate is a freeware utility that
Bee Icons can then read. Please download Icon Translate here.
Ability to change individual folders and disk icons
You can make your work easier and become more productive by selectively changing
folder or disk icons. For example, if a folder or disk has a uniquely recognizable
icon it is quicker to find it at a glance. See
the example. The new icon can indicate the specific folders purpose or content.
(My Documents, My Pictures, etc. are examples of folder icons that can be easily
Ability to restore standard icons
If you ever want to return to the standard icons, Bee Icons will do it for you.
Integration with AwIcons
AwIcons is the most powerful icons editor imaginable, containing all the tools
you need to create graphically rich icons in one package. If you have AwIcons,
you will have ability to edit icons directly from Bee Icons.
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