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Shared by: Bjorn Johansen
since Monday, 27-May-13 03:16:15 PDT

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Page Analytics2 Image
Page Analytics2
By: Bjorn Johansen
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Change a folder icon
Change a folder icon
Folder Marker lets you change icons from Folder Marker, or from the context menu of the selected folder. After the installation a new entry called Mark Folder is added to the context menu of all folders. You can use this entry to replace any default icon with a new one, without having to run Folder Marker.
To change the folder icon from the context menu, follow these steps:
On selecting this entry, the menu appears where you can select a new icon.
Once selected, the new icon is applied to the folder instantly.
If necessary, you can restore the default icon.
To change the folder icon from Folder Marker, follow these steps:
The Browse dialog appears. Use this dialog to select the folder whose icon you want to change.
The path to the selected folder is shown in the Folder box (see above).
3. Select the new icon.
The library has several tabs, each with its own set of icons.
4. Select the options (if necessary).
Folder Marker offers two options that define how to apply a new icon:
5. Click Apply.
The selected icon is applied to the folder instantly.
If necessary, the user can restore the default icon.
Also see:
Change multiple folder icons

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