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Super Dedupe Product Icon image

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Shared by: Bjorn Johansen
since Wednesday, 29-May-13 09:08:07 PDT

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Super Dedupe Product Icon Image
Super Dedupe Product Icon
By: Bjorn Johansen
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Design Services
User Interface Projects
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Toast 6 -
User Interface Design
The Iconfactory worked closely with the team at Roxio to design and produce a user interface and desktop icon suite update for their popular Toast application.
Jam -
User Interface Design
Our artists took on the challenge of designing the interface for Roxio's audio software, Jam. The result blended a sense of fun into its powerful feature set.
CD Spin Doctor -
User Interface Design
The Iconfactory was tasked with designing a user interface for CD Spin Doctor that visually related to the recent UI overhaul of their popular utility, Toast.
El Gato Software
eyeTV -
User Interface Design
El Gato hired us to design an interface for their TV tuner application, eyeTV. Its look and feel was based on the appearance of the tuner that accompanied the software.
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About UI Projects
The Iconfactory has worked on a range of user interface projects for a number of clients. The same level of quality that goes into the creation of our icon suites is also seen in our interface work.
Our superior attention to detail, combined with our expertise in software like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, makes us the perfect choice to design your next software or web-based user interface.
Pre-Designed Icons
If you are looking for existing sets of professionally designed stock icons, look no further. We invite you to visit Stock Icons.com for a wide range of affordable, royalty-free sets in a variety of styles. Browse and order entire collections online instantly.

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