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Aston Martin Db9 L image

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Shared by: Bjorn Johansen
since Wednesday, 29-May-13 15:59:28 PDT

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Aston Martin Db9 L Image
Aston Martin Db9 L
By: Bjorn Johansen
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About Us
The People Behind the Pixels
Dave Brasgalla
Dave attended the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale in Florida, where he studied Graphic Design.
He worked for Motorola Portable Products Division, Gould SEL Computer Systems, The Institute for
Food and Agricultural Sciences at the University of Florida, Jazziz Magazine and Eye4 Design Studios
projects for clients have included designing icons for Windows XP and Microsoft MSN 9.
Craig Hockenberry
Craig majored in Computer Science at the University of California, Irvine and minored in Fine Arts.
He also studied Italian and Printmaking at Coastline Community College, and Art History at the Power
Institute of Fine Arts at the University of Sydney in Australia. Craig has been working with images
after coordinating the development and successful release of their first software product, IconDropper.
Craig is currently a principal at the Iconfactory and his specialties include software development and
manning the secret controls behind the magic of the Iconfactory website. His significant projects include
serving as Chief Typist and developing all of the Iconfactory's internal software and shareware products.
Gedeon P. Maheux
Gedeon holds a BA in Graphic Design and an MFA in Electronic Media Design, both from the Rochester Institute
of Technology in New York. He worked in graphic design, user interface design, web design, and interactive media before
helping to form the Iconfactory with Corey Marion and Talos Tsui. Gedeon's specialties at the Iconfactory include
strategic business planning, company marketing, art direction and icon/user interface design. His most significant
projects for clients have included designing icons for Best Software ACT!, PalmOne, and FileNET.
Corey B. Marion
Corey holds a BS in Fine Arts from Appalachian State University in North Carolina where he also minored in Marketing. He worked in
desktop publishing, digital prepress, marketing, and interactive/web design for seven years. He began designing
icons as a hobby, which eventually led to the formation of the Iconfactory with his friends and colleagues,
Gedeon Maheux and Talos Tsui. Corey is responsible for some of the Iconfactory's most popular freeware collections
inlcuding the Smoothicon and Monolith sets. Corey's significant client projects include icons for Microsoft Office, Stuffit Deluxe and Red Hat Linux.
Talos Tsui
Talos holds a BA in Graphic Design and an MFA in Electronic Media Design, both from the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York.
He worked in graphic design, user interface design, web design, and interactive media before helping to form the Iconfactory
Tyler Anderson
Software Engineer
Tyler holds a BS in Computer Science and Computer Information Systems from Elon University in North Carolina. His specialties at the Iconfactory include programming for both the iOS and OS X platforms.
Tyler's projects have included The Iconfactory's Take Five music utility and Astronut.
Cheryl Culling
Project Manager
Cheryl holds a BA in Illustration, a degree in Information Technology and an MFA in Electronic Media Design from Rochester Institute of Technology.
She progressively worked in illustration, interactive media and web design and became an Art Director at two web-based technology companies.
For 7 years she held an executive management position at a software company overseeing marketing, software product management and client services.
Cheryl manages an array of customer projects for the Iconfactory. She also helps to manage stockicons.com, and the development of select Iconfactory games and products.
Kate England
Marmalade Moon
Kate studied Fine Arts and Graphic Design at Folkuniversitet in Stockholm, Sweden; Digital Design at ETC Akademin in Stockholm;
and Film, Philosophy, and Literature at the University of Stockholm. After university, Kate worked as a designer and illustrator
for the Radio Drama and Documentary Department at the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation. She learned to draw icons in her spare
designer. Her specialties include managing and editing Industry News and her numerous freeware icon releases.
Sean Heber
Software Engineer
Sean earned a BS in Computer Science from Clarke College and also completed
several graduate level Computer Science courses at the University of
worked on everything from desktop applications and custom server software to
developer Tapulous hired Sean as one of their first employees. While at
Tapulous Sean worked on both Collage and Tap Tap Revenge for the iPhone.
Sean later went to work for DS Media Labs where he was the lead programmer
of Jammit and the Iconfactory/DS joint project: Ramp Champ.
David Lanham
David worked as a designer and freelance icon artist and was a winner of Pixelpalooza in the OSX category. He is also an accomplished
Illustrator and Graphic Designer. David's specialties at the Iconfactory include website coding and designing illustrative and
Anthony Piraino
One-Button Mouse
he worked as a graphic designer, graphic artist, web designer, and as a freelance illustrator and icon artist. Anthony's specialties at the Iconfactory include icon design, testing
new software, and the coding and implementation of the Iconfactory.com and Stockicons.com websites. Significant client work includes
the Zimbra Collaboration Suite, Fetch as well as projects for Microsoft and FileNET.
Mindy Weaver
Mindy holds a BA in Graphic Design with a specialization in computer graphics from Brookhaven College in Dallas, Texas.
at the Iconfactory include freeware/stock icon development and production, desktop patterns, news gathering, software testing, and
work for clients like Oracle and Hewlett Packard.
Travis Zuker
he performed Mac and PC support for nine years. He met Corey Marion, Gedeon Maheux and Talos Tsui while they were all working at
Image Technology. Travis' specialties at the Iconfactory include all forms of project management, system maintenance, and offering
technical support on all of the Iconfactory's software products.
Friends and Partners
DS Media Labs to produce our second game for Apple's mobile platform - Ramp Champ.
We hope to continue our collaboration with DS, bringing users new, and engaging titles.
Font Diner, one of the web's premiere sources for quality fonts, was born the same year as the factory and we've been friends from the start. We've collaborated on several projects including two icon sets based on artwork from their sister site, Mr. Retro. We fully support Font Diner's efforts to bring fun, creative typography to people everywhere.
Did You Know?
One of the first jobs of the three founding members was developing educational software for children
Dave and Kate head up the Iconfactory's European office from their studio in Stockholm, Sweden

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