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Battleship H image

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Shared by: Bjorn Johansen
since Wednesday, 29-May-13 18:26:12 PDT

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Battleship H Image
Battleship H
By: Bjorn Johansen
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is an icon?
What does a custom icon cost and what licenses do you offer?
Non-exclusive license versus exclusive (unlimited) license?
What does royalty-free mean?
What do you mean by non-transferable?
You, as a person or company, can purchase a set to use on your computer. You are not allowed to sell or 'transfer the rights' to another person. When your company want the icons on more than 5 computers, you need to purchase an extended license. Please contact us for more information.
What is your work process when it comes to custom icon design?
To make sure the custom icon design process runs smoothly we developed our own work method and visualized it for you in an infographic.
Can I use a custom icon as company logo?
There is a lot of confusion surrounding icon and logo design. Icons and logos are not the same. Indeed they might look very similar but in no way do they require the same discipline, design process or end result. These days icons not only serve as application or interface icons but also as branding vocabulary. Logos may use icons as its visual brand language. A logo is a brands' identity whereas icons may be used in the identity design as a means of communication or navigation.
Can I use a stock icon as company logo than?
No, a logo needs to be unique and identifiable for a certain organisation. You might want to protect it or use it as a trademark. We own all rights of our stock icons, so you will not be able to claim any intellectual rights regarding your logo when you use an icon of Dutch Icon.
I just need a couple of icons from several sets, can you compose a custom set?
What is pixel perfect and why is it important?
Pixel perfect is a guarantee against blurry edges once rescaling a vector. With regard to quality this is especially important for icons smaller then 64 x 64 pixels. We elaborate on the topic in this article.
Are all your stock icons pixel perfect?
Ordering as a company within the EU but do not have a VAT number?
I purchased something and would like to return it - now what?
The nature of the products being digital and visual make them extremely sensitive to abuse, therefore we are not required by law to allow refunds for icon sets. Offering a refund would be like giving it away for free. For these reasons we have a simple no-nonsense refund policy and do not offer refunds of a purchase price to the purchaser. Faulty goods and purchases (due to system failure), however, are monitored and will be refunded. 
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Battleship H Clip Art
Battleship H
By: Bjorn Johansen

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