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Colorful S image

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Shared by: Bjorn Johansen
since Thursday, 30-May-13 03:17:48 PDT

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Colorful S Image
Colorful S
By: Bjorn Johansen
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Iconfactory : Search : Why is it important to use layers during icon creation?
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Similar Results
The following items are similar to Why is it important to use layers during icon creation?:
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Why is it important to save my Photoshop layers file?
Working from Photoshop layers really helps you to quickly and easily move components, recolor, or resize.
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Any time saving tips for use with IconBuilder for Win?
There are several things you can do to save yourself time when using IconBuilder for Windows. Read on for more information.
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Any tips on using Photoshop with IconBuilder for Win?
Yes, be sure to name individual layers, turn layer transparency on and view your work at multiple sizes.
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How much does IconBuilder for Windows cost?
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What is the difference between Mac and Win versions?
The Mac version can convert icons from Windows to Mac and vice versa. There are some other Mac only features as well.
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What is IconBuilder for Windows?
IconBuilder Windows is a powerful filter for use with Photoshop and MS Windows that builds desktop icons.
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How can I use parts of some icons to create new ones?
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Any general tips on building and saving icons?
Consider the target platform carefully before you create individual resources that you may not end up needing.
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Any tips on building and saving icons with IconBuilder?
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How do I make my first icon with IconBuilder for Win?
Read this complete support item for a quick list of steps, or consult the PDF guide included with your download.
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