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Shared by: Frantz Leuenberger
since Thursday, 30-May-13 11:51:14 PDT

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Find 8 Image
Find 8
By: Frantz Leuenberger
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Vista Medical Icons - Vista-style stock icons - Lokas Software
Stock Icons
Icon Collections
Custom Icons
Color states
Normal, Hot, Disabled, Gray
Format of files
ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP (glyph), AI (vector)
Commercial license
Commercial license + Vector files
5 custom icons + Commercial license + Vector files
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User Nurse Icon
User Nurse Add Icon
User Nurse Delete Icon
User Nurse Edit Icon
User Nurse Search Icon
User Nurse Import Icon
User Nurse Export Icon
User Nurse Locked Icon
User Nurse Clock Icon
User Nurse Favorite Icon
User Nurse Info Icon
User Nurse Ok Icon
User Nurse Save Icon
User Nurse Settings Icon
User Nurse Question Icon
Skeleton Icon
Skeleton Add Icon
Skeleton Delete Icon
Skeleton Edit Icon
Skeleton Search Icon
Skeleton Import Icon
Skeleton Export Icon
Skeleton Locked Icon
Skeleton Clock Icon
Skeleton Favorite Icon
Skeleton Info Icon
Skeleton Ok Icon
Skeleton Save Icon
Skeleton Settings Icon
Skeleton Question Icon
Skull Icon
Skull Add Icon
Skull Delete Icon
Skull Edit Icon
Skull Search Icon
Skull Import Icon
Skull Export Icon
Skull Locked Icon
Skull Clock Icon
Skull Favorite Icon
Skull Info Icon
Skull Ok Icon
Skull Save Icon
Skull Settings Icon
Skull Question Icon
Wheel Chair Icon
Wheel Chair Add Icon
Wheel Chair Delete Icon
Wheel Chair Edit Icon
Wheel Chair Search Icon
Wheel Chair Import Icon
Wheel Chair Export Icon
Wheel Chair Locked Icon
Wheel Chair Clock Icon
Wheel Chair Favorite Icon
Wheel Chair Info Icon
Wheel Chair Ok Icon
Wheel Chair Save Icon
Wheel Chair Settings Icon
Wheel Chair Question Icon
Eye Icon
Eye Add Icon
Eye Delete Icon
Eye Edit Icon
Eye Search Icon
Eye Import Icon
Eye Export Icon
Eye Locked Icon
Eye Clock Icon
Eye Favorite Icon
Eye Info Icon
Eye Ok Icon
Eye Save Icon
Eye Settings Icon
Eye Question Icon
Dna Icon
Dna Add Icon
Dna Delete Icon
Dna Edit Icon
Dna Search Icon
Dna Import Icon
Dna Export Icon
Dna Locked Icon
Dna Clock Icon
Dna Favorite Icon
Dna Info Icon
Dna Ok Icon
Dna Save Icon
Dna Settings Icon
Dna Question Icon
Dropper Icon
Dropper Add Icon
Dropper Delete Icon
Dropper Edit Icon
Dropper Search Icon
Dropper Import Icon
Dropper Export Icon
Dropper Locked Icon
Dropper Clock Icon
Dropper Favorite Icon
Dropper Info Icon
Dropper Ok Icon
Dropper Save Icon
Dropper Settings Icon
Dropper Question Icon
Brain Icon
Brain Add Icon
Brain Delete Icon
Brain Edit Icon
Brain Search Icon
Brain Import Icon
Brain Export Icon
Brain Locked Icon
Brain Clock Icon
Brain Favorite Icon
Brain Info Icon
Brain Ok Icon
Brain Save Icon
Brain Settings Icon
Brain Question Icon
Plaster Icon
Plaster Add Icon
Plaster Delete Icon
Plaster Edit Icon
Plaster Search Icon
Plaster Import Icon
Plaster Export Icon
Plaster Locked Icon
Plaster Clock Icon
Plaster Favorite Icon
Plaster Info Icon
Plaster Ok Icon
Plaster Save Icon
Plaster Settings Icon
Plaster Question Icon
Heart Icon
Heart Add Icon
Heart Delete Icon
Heart Edit Icon
Heart Search Icon
Heart Import Icon
Heart Export Icon
Heart Locked Icon
Heart Clock Icon
Heart Favorite Icon
Heart Info Icon
Heart Ok Icon
Heart Save Icon
Heart Settings Icon
Heart Question Icon
Scalpel Icon
Scalpel Add Icon
Scalpel Delete Icon
Scalpel Edit Icon
Scalpel Search Icon
Scalpel Import Icon
Scalpel Export Icon
Scalpel Locked Icon
Scalpel Clock Icon
Scalpel Favorite Icon
Scalpel Info Icon
Scalpel Ok Icon
Scalpel Save Icon
Scalpel Settings Icon
Scalpel Question Icon
Syringe Icon
Syringe Add Icon
Syringe Delete Icon
Syringe Edit Icon
Syringe Search Icon
Syringe Import Icon
Syringe Export Icon
Syringe Locked Icon
Syringe Clock Icon
Syringe Favorite Icon
Syringe Info Icon
Syringe Ok Icon
Syringe Save Icon
Syringe Settings Icon
Syringe Question Icon
Head Icon
Head Add Icon
Head Delete Icon
Head Edit Icon
Head Search Icon
Head Import Icon
Head Export Icon
Head Locked Icon
Head Clock Icon
Head Favorite Icon
Head Info Icon
Head Ok Icon
Head Save Icon
Head Settings Icon
Head Question Icon
Head 3 Icon
Head 3 Add Icon
Head 3 Delete Icon
Head 3 Edit Icon
Head 3 Search Icon
Head 3 Import Icon
Head 3 Export Icon
Head 3 Locked Icon
Head 3 Clock Icon
Head 3 Favorite Icon
Head 3 Info Icon
Head 3 Ok Icon
Head 3 Save Icon
Head 3 Settings Icon
Head 3 Question Icon
Head 4 Icon
Head 4 Add Icon
Head 4 Delete Icon
Head 4 Edit Icon
Head 4 Search Icon
Head 4 Import Icon
Head 4 Export Icon
Head 4 Locked Icon
Head 4 Clock Icon
Head 4 Favorite Icon
Head 4 Info Icon
Head 4 Ok Icon
Head 4 Save Icon
Head 4 Settings Icon
Head 4 Question Icon
Heart And Scalpel Icon
Nurse Icon
Patient Card Icon
Patient Thermometer Icon
Patient Tweezers Icon
Patient Tablet Icon
Patient Operation Icon
Patient Capsule Icon
Patient Bandage Icon
Patient Ampoule Icon
Patient Icon
Patient Add Icon
Patient Delete Icon
Patient Edit Icon
Patient Search Icon
Patient Import Icon
Patient Export Icon
Patient Locked Icon
Patient Clock Icon
Patient Favorite Icon
Patient Info Icon
Patient Ok Icon
Patient Save Icon
Patient Settings Icon
Patient Question Icon
Ampoule Icon
Ampoule Add Icon
Ampoule Delete Icon
Ampoule Edit Icon
Ampoule Search Icon
Ampoule Import Icon
Ampoule Export Icon
Ampoule Locked Icon
Ampoule Clock Icon
Ampoule Favorite Icon
Ampoule Info Icon
Ampoule Ok Icon
Ampoule Save Icon
Ampoule Settings Icon
Ampoule Question Icon
Ampoules Icon
Bandage Icon
Bandage Add Icon
Bandage Delete Icon
Bandage Edit Icon
Bandage Search Icon
Bandage Import Icon
Bandage Export Icon
Bandage Locked Icon
Bandage Clock Icon
Bandage Favorite Icon
Bandage Info Icon
Bandage Ok Icon
Bandage Save Icon
Bandage Settings Icon
Bandage Question Icon
Thermometer Icon
Thermometer Add Icon
Thermometer Delete Icon
Thermometer Edit Icon
Thermometer Search Icon
Thermometer Import Icon
Thermometer Export Icon
Thermometer Locked Icon
Thermometer Clock Icon
Thermometer Favorite Icon
Thermometer Info Icon
Thermometer Ok Icon
Thermometer Save Icon
Thermometer Settings Icon
Thermometer Question Icon
Capsule Icon
Capsule Add Icon
Capsule Delete Icon
Capsule Edit Icon
Capsule Search Icon
Capsule Import Icon
Capsule Export Icon
Capsule Locked Icon
Capsule Clock Icon
Capsule Favorite Icon
Capsule Info Icon
Capsule Ok Icon
Capsule Save Icon
Capsule Settings Icon
Capsule Question Icon
Flask Icon
Flask Add Icon
Flask Delete Icon
Flask Edit Icon
Flask Search Icon
Flask Import Icon
Flask Export Icon
Flask Locked Icon
Flask Clock Icon
Flask Favorite Icon
Flask Info Icon
Flask Ok Icon
Flask Save Icon
Flask Settings Icon
Flask Question Icon
Glasses Icon
Glasses Add Icon
Glasses Delete Icon
Glasses Edit Icon
Glasses Search Icon
Glasses Import Icon
Glasses Export Icon
Glasses Locked Icon
Glasses Clock Icon
Glasses Favorite Icon
Glasses Info Icon
Glasses Ok Icon
Glasses Save Icon
Glasses Settings Icon
Glasses Question Icon
Tweezers Icon
Tweezers Add Icon
Tweezers Delete Icon
Tweezers Edit Icon
Tweezers Search Icon
Tweezers Import Icon
Tweezers Export Icon
Tweezers Locked Icon
Tweezers Clock Icon
Tweezers Favorite Icon
Tweezers Info Icon
Tweezers Ok Icon
Tweezers Save Icon
Tweezers Settings Icon
Tweezers Question Icon
Stethoscope Icon
Stethoscope Add Icon
Stethoscope Delete Icon
Stethoscope Edit Icon
Stethoscope Search Icon
Stethoscope Import Icon
Stethoscope Export Icon
Stethoscope Locked Icon
Stethoscope Clock Icon
Stethoscope Favorite Icon
Stethoscope Info Icon
Stethoscope Ok Icon
Stethoscope Save Icon
Stethoscope Settings Icon
Stethoscope Question Icon
Tablet Icon
Tablet Add Icon
Tablet Delete Icon
Tablet Edit Icon
Tablet Search Icon
Tablet Import Icon
Tablet Export Icon
Tablet Locked Icon
Tablet Clock Icon
Tablet Favorite Icon
Tablet Info Icon
Tablet Ok Icon
Tablet Save Icon
Tablet Settings Icon
Tablet Question Icon
Tablets Icon
Tonometer Icon
Tonometer Add Icon
Tonometer Delete Icon
Tonometer Edit Icon
Tonometer Search Icon
Tonometer Import Icon
Tonometer Export Icon
Tonometer Locked Icon
Tonometer Clock Icon
Tonometer Favorite Icon
Tonometer Info Icon
Tonometer Ok Icon
Tonometer Save Icon
Tonometer Settings Icon
Tonometer Question Icon
Ear Icon
Ear Add Icon
Ear Delete Icon
Ear Edit Icon
Ear Search Icon
Ear Import Icon
Ear Export Icon
Ear Locked Icon
Ear Clock Icon
Ear Favorite Icon
Ear Info Icon
Ear Ok Icon
Ear Save Icon
Ear Settings Icon
Ear Question Icon
Ampoule Tablets Icon
Flask Ampoule Icon
Capsule Tablet Icon
Braces Icon
Braces Add Icon
Braces Delete Icon
Braces Edit Icon
Braces Search Icon
Braces Import Icon
Braces Export Icon
Braces Locked Icon
Braces Clock Icon
Braces Favorite Icon
Braces Info Icon
Braces Ok Icon
Braces Save Icon
Braces Settings Icon
Braces Question Icon
Bridge Icon
Bridge Add Icon
Bridge Delete Icon
Bridge Edit Icon
Bridge Search Icon
Bridge Import Icon
Bridge Export Icon
Bridge Locked Icon
Bridge Clock Icon
Bridge Favorite Icon
Bridge Info Icon
Bridge Ok Icon
Bridge Save Icon
Bridge Settings Icon
Bridge Question Icon
Broken Tooth Icon
Broken Tooth Add Icon
Broken Tooth Delete Icon
Broken Tooth Edit Icon
Broken Tooth Search Icon
Broken Tooth Import Icon
Broken Tooth Export Icon
Broken Tooth Locked Icon
Broken Tooth Clock Icon
Broken Tooth Favorite Icon
Broken Tooth Info Icon
Broken Tooth Ok Icon
Broken Tooth Save Icon
Broken Tooth Settings Icon
Broken Tooth Question Icon
Crown Icon
Crown Add Icon
Crown Delete Icon
Crown Edit Icon
Crown Search Icon
Crown Import Icon
Crown Export Icon
Crown Locked Icon
Crown Clock Icon
Crown Favorite Icon
Crown Info Icon
Crown Ok Icon
Crown Save Icon
Crown Settings Icon
Crown Question Icon
Caries Tooth Icon
Caries Tooth Add Icon
Caries Tooth Delete Icon
Caries Tooth Edit Icon
Caries Tooth Search Icon
Caries Tooth Import Icon
Caries Tooth Export Icon
Caries Tooth Locked Icon
Caries Tooth Clock Icon
Caries Tooth Favorite Icon
Caries Tooth Info Icon
Caries Tooth Ok Icon
Caries Tooth Save Icon
Caries Tooth Settings Icon
Caries Tooth Question Icon
Drill Icon
Drill Add Icon
Drill Delete Icon
Drill Edit Icon
Drill Search Icon
Drill Import Icon
Drill Export Icon
Drill Locked Icon
Drill Clock Icon
Drill Favorite Icon
Drill Info Icon
Drill Ok Icon
Drill Save Icon
Drill Settings Icon
Drill Question Icon
Filling Icon
Filling Add Icon
Filling Delete Icon
Filling Edit Icon
Filling Search Icon
Filling Import Icon
Filling Export Icon
Filling Locked Icon
Filling Clock Icon
Filling Favorite Icon
Filling Info Icon
Filling Ok Icon
Filling Save Icon
Filling Settings Icon
Filling Question Icon
Implant Screw Icon
Implant Screw Add Icon
Implant Screw Delete Icon
Implant Screw Edit Icon
Implant Screw Search Icon
Implant Screw Import Icon
Implant Screw Export Icon
Implant Screw Locked Icon
Implant Screw Clock Icon
Implant Screw Favorite Icon
Implant Screw Info Icon
Implant Screw Ok Icon
Implant Screw Save Icon
Implant Screw Settings Icon
Implant Screw Question Icon
Mouth Mirror Icon
Mouth Mirror Add Icon
Mouth Mirror Delete Icon
Mouth Mirror Edit Icon
Mouth Mirror Search Icon
Mouth Mirror Import Icon
Mouth Mirror Export Icon
Mouth Mirror Locked Icon
Mouth Mirror Clock Icon
Mouth Mirror Favorite Icon
Mouth Mirror Info Icon
Mouth Mirror Ok Icon
Mouth Mirror Save Icon
Mouth Mirror Settings Icon
Mouth Mirror Question Icon
Missing Tooth Icon
Missing Tooth Add Icon
Missing Tooth Delete Icon
Missing Tooth Edit Icon
Missing Tooth Search Icon
Missing Tooth Import Icon
Missing Tooth Export Icon
Missing Tooth Locked Icon
Missing Tooth Clock Icon
Missing Tooth Favorite Icon
Missing Tooth Info Icon
Missing Tooth Ok Icon
Missing Tooth Save Icon
Missing Tooth Settings Icon
Missing Tooth Question Icon
Normal Tooth Icon
Normal Tooth Add Icon
Normal Tooth Delete Icon
Normal Tooth Edit Icon
Normal Tooth Search Icon
Normal Tooth Import Icon
Normal Tooth Export Icon
Normal Tooth Locked Icon
Normal Tooth Clock Icon
Normal Tooth Favorite Icon
Normal Tooth Info Icon
Normal Tooth Ok Icon
Normal Tooth Save Icon
Normal Tooth Settings Icon
Normal Tooth Question Icon
Probe Icon
Probe Add Icon
Probe Delete Icon
Probe Edit Icon
Probe Search Icon
Probe Import Icon
Probe Export Icon
Probe Locked Icon
Probe Clock Icon
Probe Favorite Icon
Probe Info Icon
Probe Ok Icon
Probe Save Icon
Probe Settings Icon
Probe Question Icon
Root Icon
Root Add Icon
Root Delete Icon
Root Edit Icon
Root Search Icon
Root Import Icon
Root Export Icon
Root Locked Icon
Root Clock Icon
Root Favorite Icon
Root Info Icon
Root Ok Icon
Root Save Icon
Root Settings Icon
Root Question Icon
Rotated Tooth Delete Icon
Rotated Tooth Icon
Rotated Tooth Add Icon
Rotated Tooth Edit Icon
Rotated Tooth Search Icon
Rotated Tooth Import Icon
Rotated Tooth Export Icon
Rotated Tooth Locked Icon
Rotated Tooth Clock Icon
Rotated Tooth Favorite Icon
Rotated Tooth Info Icon
Rotated Tooth Ok Icon
Rotated Tooth Save Icon
Rotated Tooth Settings Icon
Rotated Tooth Question Icon
Tooth Icon
Tooth Add Icon
Tooth Delete Icon
Tooth Edit Icon
Tooth Search Icon
Tooth Import Icon
Tooth Export Icon
Tooth Locked Icon
Tooth Clock Icon
Tooth Favorite Icon
Tooth Info Icon
Tooth Ok Icon
Tooth Save Icon
Tooth Settings Icon
Tooth Question Icon
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