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Firefox Thunderbird 02 L image

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Shared by: Bjorn Johansen
since Thursday, 30-May-13 11:53:21 PDT

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Firefox Thunderbird 02 L Image
Firefox Thunderbird 02 L
By: Bjorn Johansen
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The Evolution of a Website
Jun.96Iconfactory started as a hobby
Jul.96IF mentioned in Guy Kawasaki's Evangelist
Feb.97Craig Hockenberry joins the Iconfactory
Dec.97Iconfactory mentioned in WIRED magazine
Apr.97Iconfactory.com domain name registered
Jan.99Dave Brasgalla joins the Iconfactory
In addition to the changes at iconfactory.com, we also launched Stockicons.com, a companion site where customers could purchase affordable, royalty-free stock icons for their website or software products. Version 5 of the site stood the test of time, but the design became cluttered over the years, and the .asp back end had serious limitations.
New features such as a secure shopping cart, similarity searches, RSS feeds, site-wide support items and much more were all added to make visitor's experiences more robust. Design services and our sister site, the Deskstop were folded back into the main site to give customers a one-stop destination for their icon design needs. Lastly, a complete redesign of Stockicons.com featuring a better organizational structure and a new shopping cart ordering system was introduced to make purchasing icons quick and easy.
The current version is a new and exciting departure from the past in many ways, and we are confident that this design will service visitors for many years to come.
How It All Started
Did You Know?
AOL hosted the very first Iconfactory
The official Iconfactory font is Frutiger
Halloween is our favorite holiday :-)

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