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Fit Sync image

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Shared by: Bjorn Johansen
since Thursday, 30-May-13 12:00:28 PDT

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Fit Sync Image
Fit Sync
By: Bjorn Johansen
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Version History
IconBuilder v 8.5.3
Free upgrade for registered users of 8.5
Updated links to external help pages
Free upgrade for registered users of 8.5
Fixes for missing icons and color shifts while importing on Snow Leopard
IconExaminer: Fixed problem reading ICO files with invalid dimensions
ICO files will now be created correctly according to the setting in Options
Updated help links for icon design on Apple and Microsoft sites
Free upgrade for registered users of 8.5
New option to save both compressed and uncompressed Vista ICO files
Open/drop states now save correctly on Intel machines
Added warning about conflict with onOne Library plug-in
Other small bug fixes
IconBuilder v 8.5
Added support for Adobe Creative Suite 3 (Photoshop and Fireworks)
Added support for Intel processors
Added new command files for IconBuilder Assistant on Fireworks
Added web link to Vista Icon Design Guidelines
Other small bug fixes
Windows Vista ICO files are fully supported (including PNG compression)
TIFF files can be saved with multiple resolutions
New save options to create single and individual files at the same time
Grid files and actions updated to support the larger icon sizes
Updated IconExaminer to display Vista ICO files and other large sizes
Fixed a bug where save file name could be corrupted
Other small bug fixes
A check for duplicate resources now occurs before saving icon files
Adding a new resource group now automatically unlinks the marquees
Presets now work correctly on Japanese systems (with Unicode characters)
Presets folder can now be displayed even before a preset has been saved
Creation of Mac and Windows icons in standard and unique sizes
Ability to save generic image formats, such as TIFFs, BMPs, etc.
Standard and custom Grid Files and Presets that can be shared
Build icons for an entire project with a single filter pass
Expanded resource protection and information via new Verification Report
Save icons in multiple file formats at the same time
Adjustable alpha thresholds when creating 8-bit resources
Revised and expanded documentation
Revised and expanded Iconbuilder Assistant Photoshop actions
Handy Keyboard Shortcuts menu for easy reference
Pixel Grid and Coordinate Tool
Developed entirely in Cocoa for power and flexibility
IconExaminer stand-alone application for examining Finder icons
Movable grid positions (relative to your selection)
Remember grid locations for easier custom layout templates
New command-keys for common functions
Increased compatibility when opening certain .ico and .icns files
Compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS
Supports Command-f to re-run the filter
Auto-save icons based on layer names (when used with Photoshop CS)
Auto-adaptive color table creation when building Windows icons
Bug fixes and UI tweaks
Grid presets, new icon template, improved QuickBuild PS Actions
Auto-adaptive color table creation when building Windows icons
Improved user interface
Updated background patterns
Updated Apple HI guidelines URL
Other minor bug fixes and tweaks
IconBuilder Pro v 3.5
New, simpler Aqua user interface
Additional info via new Weblinks menu
Better compatibility when building icons for all versions of Windows
Updates icons that have been written incorrectly by other icon editors
Support for Windows XP
QuickConvert from to Mac to Win and vice versa
Resource protection eliminates unnecessary sizes and bit depths
Support for icon files created with Iconographer
Lost Serial Number?
No worries! Just hop on over to our Registration Lookup page and enter your email address. Your serial number will be e-mailed to you.

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