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Growth L image

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Shared by: Bjorn Johansen
since Thursday, 30-May-13 16:23:46 PDT

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Growth L Image
Growth L
By: Bjorn Johansen
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About Us
About Us
Do one thing and do it well. If ever there was a philosophy for what we do here at the Iconfactory, this would be it.
From day one we have dedicated ourselves to being the best in the challenging and niche field of icon design.
Our customers come in all shapes and sizes, large and small, and their needs are diverse. Visitors to iconfactory.com
We're proud to say we've delivered in spades to both for over ten years and we have no plans on packing it in.
We love pixels, good design and satisfying customers through the simple art of the icon.
We invite you to learn more about what makes us tick by exploring the areas you see here.
Our Staff
They say that a business is only as good as the people that run it. In our case, it couldn't be more true.
The Iconfactory employs artists, programmers and managers whose dedication, talent
and experience are unmatched in the industry. Our customers receive the very best in icon design.
Site History
From humble beginnings to becoming the premiere world leader in icon design, the Iconfactory has always undergone change.
Through the years we have strived to give visitors and clients alike the best experience possible.
Learn a little more about how we got started, where we've been and where we are heading.
Like any modern company, the Iconfactory relies on the latest and greatest technology
to keep us ahead of the curve. A powerful combination of Apple hardware, agile software and a dedicated Internet
Linking Badges
If you would like to link to the Iconfactory from your own website, we have created several linking badges for you.
To use one of these badges, simply click and drag the graphic out of your browser window to your desktop to download it. The badges are designed to work well against both light and dark colored web pages, so enjoy!
When pointing to our site, please link to our main URL: www.iconfactory.com
Did You Know?
We've worked for hundreds of clients
We worked on the icons in Windows XP
Our work is seen on millions of computer desktops each day

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