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Guitar Tools Icon image

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Shared by: Bjorn Johansen
since Thursday, 30-May-13 16:34:49 PDT

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Guitar Tools Icon Image
Guitar Tools Icon
By: Bjorn Johansen
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Iconfactory : Search : Can IconBuilder create icons for Windows XP?
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Similar Results
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Can IconBuilder create icons for the Windows platform?
Yes! IconBuilder supports the creation of both classic and modern Windows or .ico files from your Macintosh.
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What resources are used when saving image formats?
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What is the importance of IconBuilder's Verify panel?
The verify panel allows you to quickly check if your icon has extra or missing resources for the target platform and OS.
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We recommend you consult the Tutorial that comes with the IconBuilder download to learn more about Open/Drop icons.
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Is there a version available for the Windows platform?
Yes, IconBuilder XP is available for Windows, although its feature set is not as complete as the Mac version.
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Why do I have to wait so long when I run the filter?
The startup delay encourages you to purchase the full software. This delay is removed upon registration.
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Why isn't my Open/Drop icon working in the Finder?
Be sure to set IconBuilder to save as a folder with a custom icon applied to it, or the Finder won't display it properly.
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Search for similar items
Any tips on building and saving icons with IconBuilder?
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What does the multi-celled grid on the left represent?
This grid is the Resource List and represents all the icon resources that can be compiled into a single icon.
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