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Ilaugh Icon image

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Shared by: Bjorn Johansen
since Thursday, 30-May-13 21:34:49 PDT

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Ilaugh Icon Image
Ilaugh Icon
By: Bjorn Johansen
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XP Icon Formats and Sizes
Icon Formats and Sizes - Which Formats and Sizes Should I be Using?
Selecting icon formats and sizes is a completely project dependent decision. Web developers and software designers should consider the purpose for which the icons will be used and the idea the icons are meant to convey before deciding to use the icon. Not surprisingly, web developers will need different file types and dimensions than developers constructing graphical user interface (GUI) applications. In order to make good decisions, designers and developers should have a fundamental understanding of icon specifications which will be explained in this article. Let us being with the four main formats in which XP Style Icons are available and then move on to Icon color depths and sizes.
XP Style Icon FormatsThere are four main formats for icons which are as follows:
ICO format: GUI applicationsJPEG format: Web applicationsGIF format: Web applicationsPNG format: Web applications
By examining the different formats you should have a good understanding of what type of icon you should be using for your project.
Which Format Should I be Using?The format that you should be using depends primarily on the project for which you need the icons as explained below:
.JPEG Format Icons: for Windows Web Based applications.jpeg is a widely used format for web based applications which can be accessed through a web browser. But the format requires more file size and does not support transparency. This is the reason why .jpeg is not preferred by many when it comes to graphical elements like icons. They are more suitable for representing realistic photos. If the icon has fewer colors and is more graphical than photo-realistic you might want to consider the .gif format.
The .png format can also be used in GUI applications for Linux. So if you are a web designer, a web application developer or a GUI application developer for linux looking for icons with smooth edges and shadow effects, then .PNG is the format you should be using.
Learn more about Icon Color Depths
Which Size Should I be Using?Icons with different sizes are used for different purposes as explained below:
Network Database Icons
Accounting Software Icons
Email Application Icons
Navigation Icons
Web Icons
People and Objects
Conceptual Icons
E-commerce Icons
General Articles
Everything You Wanted to Know About Icons and Icon Designing
Using Alpha Channel to Blend Image on a Background Smoothly
Familiarize Yourself With these Basic Concepts in Icon Designing
Do it Yourself Tips
Add Fav Icon to Your Website in Three Easy Steps
Converting Icons from Raster to Vector Format
Design Tutorials
Learn how to Create an XP Style Button Icon
Using Icons
Which Icon Formats and Sizes Should You be Using?
About us
XP Icons

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