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Intel Core 2 S image

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Shared by: Bjorn Johansen
since Thursday, 30-May-13 22:19:49 PDT

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Intel Core 2 S Image
Intel Core 2 S
By: Bjorn Johansen
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How do I use your wallpapers on my iPhone?
Save the picture to either your iPhoto library (Mac) or your My Pictures folder (PC), sync via iTunes and set the wallpaper.
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Can I replace the trash can icon on my Mac?
Yes! Panic and the Iconfactory have created CandyBar, an app that makes customizing the Trash Can icon easy.
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What are custom icons used for exactly?
Custom icons are a visual way to quickly identify and locate various files and folders on your computer's desktop.
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What are the small icons on the download pages?
They represent the different types of downloads available for that set: iContainers, Mac format and Win format.
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I can't seem to paste a custom Mac icon. What's wrong?
Many factors can prevent custom icons from being applied to Mac files or folders including locked items and more.
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How do I use your desktop pictures on my Mac?
Simply save the picture to the destination of your choice and then use the System Prefs to make the picture active.
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How do I use desktop pictures on my Windows PC?
There are several easy steps you can take to make use of the desktop pictures or wallpapers, at the Iconfactory.
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Can I download and use your icons on Mac OS 9?
Older icon sets for Mac OS 9 can be found at our new file directory, but all future sets are OS X and Windows only.
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How do you create OS X icons, and can I make my own?
Once art work is finalized, we turn to the filter we created for use with Photoshop, IconBuilder, to construct our icons.
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What are iPulse Jackets?
An iPulse Jacket is a saved set of visual preferences that modifies the look and feel of iPulse when opened.
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Can I modify the look and feel of iPulse Jackets?
Yes, you can change gauge color by adjusting various prefs, or download the jacket creation kit for greater visual control.
About Support
Support items for this section of the Iconfactory are listed here with the most recent items first. Use the pull down menu to select a specific topic you are interested in finding support for.
If none of the items shown covers the topic you need, be sure to try the other support sections of the Iconfactory below or perform a general search to see more support results before contacting us.
Section-Based Support:
Design Services
Product-Based Support:
IconBuilder for Macintosh
IconBuilder for Windows
Can't Find It?
We've tried to anticipate most questions you might have. However, if you can't find the answer you're looking for here, send us your query and we'll answer it personally.
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