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Iron Man 04 S image

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Shared by: Bjorn Johansen
since Thursday, 30-May-13 23:08:38 PDT

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Iron Man 04 S Image
Iron Man 04 S
By: Bjorn Johansen
5.0/10 0


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Using its concise and pleasing user interface, iPulse graphically displays the inner workings of Mac OS X on the desktop or in the dock. The entire user interface is completely configurable so you can turn off gauges you don't want, leaving only what you are interested in for easy viewing. A single floating window displays all of the information you ask it to and does it beautifully.
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Simply roll your mouse over iPulse and the program presents you with an elegant pop-up window. Inspect any and all system level data including: Memory, disk usage, CPU usage, system load, motherboard temperature, network activity and more. Get all the information you need from the info window or just watch iPulse's gauges on your desktop, the choice is yours.
A Plethora of Preferences
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Dress Up iPulse with Jackets
View Jackets
Similar to desktop themes, iPulse Jackets lets you decide how iPulse will look on your desktop or in the Dock. With a simple double-click of the mouse, iPulse can take on appearances ranging from high-tech and geeky to organic and soft and cuddly. The iPulse Jacket Gallery hosts the latest customizable jackets from the factory workers as well as links to talented third party iPulse jacket artists.
Feature List
Monitor numerous OS X statistics including:
System load over time
Memory activity and usage
Motherboard temperature
Disk usage
Current time and date
Supports single or dual processor Macs
Gauge info windows provide additional data
Adjust iPulse's CPU usage on the fly
View data on the desktop, in the menu bar or Dock
Reports on system loads over time
Still have questions? Don't forget to visit our iPulse Support page. We've tried to anticipate most of the questions you might have, so be sure to check there prior to writing us. Thanks!
Download Free Version Update
You can find out your previous serial number as well as your purchase date using our Registration Lookup page.
All transactions are encrypted, safe and secure. Once your order is processed, you will receive your serial number via email within minutes.
What Others Say
We invite you to check out these on-line reviews of iPulse for Mac OS X:
Five Apples - MacNation.org
MacWorld Magazine

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