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Lizzard S image

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Shared by: Bjorn Johansen
since Friday, 31-May-13 06:33:39 PDT

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Lizzard S Image
Lizzard S
By: Bjorn Johansen
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What happened to your Pixelpalooza icon contest?
The contest continued to grow and be a success each year it was held, but it also represented a growing amount of extra work and long hours for the small group of factory employees. Pixelpalooza helped us to find three of the most talented icon artist in the world, Dave Brasgalla, Anthony Piraino and David Lanham. So you can imagine that the contest holds a special place in our hearts. Hundreds of talented artists have created thousands of icons for Pixelpalooza and Mac users everywhere are greatful.
Eventually, if all goes well, Pixelpalooza will return, better, bigger and more fun than ever before. If you would like to download any of the winning entries from the eight years the contest ran, please visit the Iconfactory Pixelpalooza file archives.
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