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Arabic movie database

GNUPlot wordpress plugin v1.1

Plots GNUPlot charts without GNUPlot on your server. This plugin communicates with our custom version of GNUPlot hosted at clker.com, and responds with a PNG chart or errors in case of errors.

Write your GNUPlot code between [ gplot] and [ /gplot] (without spaces). Maximum chart size is 1×1.

To install

  1. Copy the file ( gnuplot plugin ) in you wp-content/plugins directory, and rename to .php instead of .phptxt.
  2. Create wp-content/cache directory, and make sure it is write able to the webserver
  3. Activate the plugin from the plugins tab inside wordpress


[ gplot]

set size 1,0.7
set dummy u,v
unset key
set parametric
set view 60, 30, 1.1, 1.33
set isosamples 50, 20
set title "Interlocking Tori - PM3D surface with depth sorting"
set urange [ -3.14159 : 3.14159 ] noreverse nowriteback
set vrange [ -3.14159 : 3.14159 ] noreverse nowriteback
set pm3d depthorder
splot cos(u)+.5*cos(u)*cos(v),sin(u)+.5*sin(u)*cos(v),.5*sin(v) with pm3d,\
1+cos(u)+.5*cos(u)*cos(v),.5*sin(v),sin(u)+.5*sin(u)*cos(v) with pm3d

[/ gplot]

would produce this:

… Enjoy


16 Responses to “GNUPlot wordpress plugin v1.1”

  1. Clker.com - weblog » Blog Archive » GNUPlot wordpress plugin Says:

    [...] Finding repeated images – part 1 – Vector Similarity Measures GNUPlot wordpress plugin v1.1 [...]

  2. Ramoonus Says:

    The plugin still reports the versionnumber as 1.0!

  3. Mohamed Ibrahim Says:

    Thanks for letting me know. Will check it out.

  4. aneubau Says:

    Is it possible to load data from a file on the server with this plugin ?

  5. Mohamed Ibrahim Says:

    No its not. I run an edited version of GNUPlot. If you found a way, let me know :)

  6. Brian Landsberger Says:

    Is there a problem with the current version on wp2.8?

  7. Mohamed Ibrahim Says:

    I didn’t try it on 2.8 . If you meet a problem installing or running it let me know.

  8. giovanni Says:

    I tested on a wp2.8 installation and it’s not working:

  9. Mohamed Ibrahim Says:

    Ok… I saw your post on seanergism.com, and you need to remove the spaces after the square brackets. The way you have it now is [gplot] so the needs to get removed. In my post I had to put this space because otherwise the plugin will catch the piece of the code.

  10. giovanni Says:

    oops! problem solved. thanks a lot!

  11. Zozoped Says:

    Just wondered if this plugin is GPL / LGPL ? I would like to translate it for dotclear…

  12. Mohamed Ibrahim Says:

    Yes the plugin is GPL. The source code of the wordpress plugin is downloadable from the wordpress website, and linked from my weblog.

    Let me know if you need help

  13. Andreas Says:

    see this error:

    Errors detected
    sh: /home/webs/www.clker.com/apis/gnuplot: not found

    any hints are welcome.
    thx andreas

  14. Mohamed Ibrahim Says:

    I fixed it… it should be working now. Thanks for letting me know.

  15. Andreas Says:

    thx for squashing the bug, i may have found another one ;-( Shall i report here or do u prefer mail ? greets Andreas

  16. AA Says:

    My current host has disabled fopen for security purposes.
    I will appreciate if you can convert this plugin to use with curl instead for fopen.
    Thank you in advanced.

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