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Example tracing president obama

So I wanted to give an example showing how far can some one use Crayon to trace facial features. Let’s start by remembering that most cliparts grasp the main features of an image, without details. If you browse major clipart collections you will see colored images, that show the head as a ball rather than displaying the fine details.

Crayon is very good in tracing chunky objects. Once you deal with fine details, one will need to keep the resolution high, which will take longer time to process and will result in jagged edges rather than smooth.

So, I used one picture from the navy collections for president obama giving a speech and standing infront of a podium.

Here is the original:

I started by lowering the resolution of the image until I was able to see it totally inside the view area of crayon, as shown here:


I seeded every place of the image in around 1 minute. I took me almost 20 minutes to get the mouth and eyes to be reasonable:


And the result is here:

So in summary, when you use Crayon try to focus on what’s happening in the picture rather than the small details like eyes, mouth …etc. For example, the picture of the lady officer getting a medal:

 which was traced to

The result on the right in my judgement can be used as a clipart. All the features that I focused on while tracing where the main global features that identify the event happening in the photo, rather than the medal itself for example. Yet when you see the picture you will get the idea that she is recieving a medal.

I hope this clarifies the points of strength and weeknesses of Crayon, and how much details should one expect to get by using it.

2 Responses to “Example tracing president obama”

  1. Nestor Makohon Says:

    Where can I find and down load crayon?

  2. Mohamed Ibrahim Says:

    You cannot download Crayon. However, you can use Crayon online, it is a flash component that runs on the website.
    There are two ways to access it.
    1. From the main page, click on “run it”, when it runs click open and open a local image to trace.
    2. The second way is to browse the raster images on clker. Once you find an image that you want to trace, click on the banner above it. It will start this image in Crayon.

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