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Shared by: R A Hawley
since Tuesday, 14-May-13 14:20:15 PDT

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Bicycle 9 Image
Bicycle 9
By: R A Hawley
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The Psychology of Color and your Website
Tags: colors
by Carly Hilios
Red is the color of roses, Santa Claus and blood. Of those three options chances are “blood” stirred the most within you just as it does for everyone. The color is a vivid color which makes people sit up and notice. However, overuse can borderline disturbing or graphic. This is why red should be used with caution on your website and landing pages. There are few companies which can truly justify the goal of their website being to get customers riled up and ready to either fight or flight. Video game companies, edgy advertising agencies and more may be able to effectively use red to brand themselves but people selling soap or social media consulting should use red sparingly.
Waterfalls, oceans and the sky, nothing is more relaxing and soothing than the color blue. Blue is popularly used on websites for companies who want their customers calm, relaxed and ready to trust them. Some psychologists even report that blue is viewed as a color which can treat and relieve pain which is a valuable for companies who are in the business of healthcare or reputation management.
The sun, rubber duckies, other yellow objects make most people’s associations with the color yellow a happy one. Words used to describe yellow in the mental health community include “stimulating” and “purifying”. This is a color which can truly make a person smile just by looking at it, especially if they live somewhere where it rains all the time. Yellow is a great color for use on landing pages because it draws attention without distracting people from text. It is generally recommended to never use yellow (or other colors for that matter besides blacks and greys) for text though because it is difficult read.
Green has turned a whole new corner in its psychological meaning over the last decade. The color has always depicted nature, trees, and grass but now it has taken on a whole meaning. With the growth of “going green”, the color green is one of the most powerful landing pages colors for companies who want to appear environmentally friendly or at least down to earth.
The first goal of your landing page’s should be to relay your company’s brand and mission but the use of color can greatly enhance or handicap your site depending on if it is used effectively. Remember to keep your landing pages readable and then add in levels of psychologically specific colors to really hammer home your company’s image home.
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