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148 260x174 Rapid Resizer image

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Shared by: Jon Skillingstad
since Wednesday, 29-May-13 07:41:47 PDT

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148 260x174 Rapid Resizer Image
148 260x174 Rapid Resizer
By: Jon Skillingstad
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This article provides information on the following topics:
Tryout or Corporate/Personal Edition
As a result, do NOT redistribute converted icons without permission of the author. Also, some authors do not wish that you convert/use their icons under Macintosh. In such a case, please respect the author whish and do not convert the icons, even for your personal use.
icons are very similar. They both have several image formats embedded
in the same icon. But the file format is totally different. You cannot
All kinds of formats can be included in
icon files this is not possible. Only some strictly-defined image formats
can be included.
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Here is the list of image formats you can
(alpha channel)
colors, mono
The new OS-X icons can contain very large
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The icon is opened in a document window.
a new name.
- or -
and specify a new name.
- or -
Click the following button on the toolbar and choose a new name for this
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A large dialog box opens. In the Name
5. In the Image Formats group, select
the image formats you whish to add in the icon ( ).
7. Save your
and choose a new name (.ICO) for this icon.
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to search using Google or Yahoo
for the following terms:
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make cursors
Send us feedback about the site.
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