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234 Intelliadmin Boxshot Design For Outlook Profile Generator image

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Shared by: Jon Skillingstad
since Wednesday, 29-May-13 08:41:32 PDT

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234 Intelliadmin Boxshot Design For Outlook Profile Generator Image
234 Intelliadmin Boxshot Design ...
By: Jon Skillingstad
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If you want to promote your company, creating a simple
screensaver with your logo bouncing on the edges of the screen is so simple!
Create the Project
choose File/New/New Screen Saver Project,
A second dialog box opens:
REMARK: Click on the context help button to
get more information on a specific area in the dialog box.
A black background
3. In the WYSIWYG editor window,
or choose Project/Screen Background menu command.
4. A Project Properties dialog box
opens (Background tab is selected).
Select the Solid Color option
and choose Black.
Add the logo (sprite)
5. First, you
need to create a nice image of your company logo. Create this image in
will be better. If not, add a black background to your company logo too.
Save it to BMP or PNG file.
6. Return in
the application, select your project document if necessary. Choose in
the menu: Project/New Sprite (Ins) or click the New Sprite button
your file. Click Open. The logo is added in the center of the screensaver.
Set the sprite motion parameters
7. Now we're going to make the sprite move on screen. Double-click on the
logo sprite. A dialog opens. Select the Motion tab if necessary.
8. Choose Straight Line and Bouncing on the edges of the screen options.
9. Now we'll
set the direction and speed of the sprite. We can do this by specifying
in the toolbar. The screensaver is executed full screen. Press a key or
move the mouse to end the full screen test.
project by choosing File/Save or by pressing Ctrl+S.
can compile your screensaver or compile
and create an installation package.
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