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About me:I'm the girl your parents warned you about. You'll scream my name later, bitch. So learn it it's Jasmine. I made my mother scream on june 9th. I'm of the FEMALE gender. I'm from Ireland, but now live in the U.S. Maine to be exact. I don't advise that you try going after me, I'm Engaged, to a male, but I am allowed to date WOMEN. I will never change, I will never conform. I cuss like a sailor. I'm pretty friendly, I always try to reply to people. I can talk violent, but I'm quite the pacifist. I act happy, but I'm actually a pessimist at times. I am a walking contradiction some would day. I am poisonous. Sluts don't turn me on, and I don't want your bullshit or your baggage, so clean up your act, put on some fucking clothes, and show a little self respect. I DON'T think it's cute when you 'tlk 2 me l!k3 dis" I won't fucking reply. We're all intelligent humans here, act like it. I'm not much for labels, so don't pin one on me. We're people, not soup cans. If you're on my list,TALK I promise you won't be disappointed I don't believe in second chances, so don't fuck up. I'm not about to change for anyone. I don't care who the fuck you are. I don't tolerate drama. Your opinions of me do not matter. I will always do things my way. My favorite color's green. People stare at me a lot. I'm not a complex person, but I can be quite difficult. I'm always a good listener, and I expect the same. I would die for my family and friends. I drink, I don't lie, and I don't cheat. I'm not afraid to get down and get dirty with the guys, but I love talking to the girls. I have some problems with my family. A lot of people annoy me I goof off 90% of my day. I don't like gifts, unless they're from someone I really love. I'm pretty smart, yea. Short, and a little chubby, but I'm working on that. I'd rather be blunt than keep quiet. I can't sleep with socks on! I have many talents and facts and as you can tell there is no I was its I am; 1)I'm a hairdresser 2)I'm a medical professional 3)I'm NOT a fake 4)I'm honest 5)I'm a college student for Early Childhood Education 6)I'm smart 7)I'm witty 8)I'm very well educated about many things from bland to detailed. 9)I'm a dancer 10)I'm big chested 11)I'm getting married in 2012 12)I'm trusting and trustful 13)I'm open 14)I'm willing to learn 15)I'm a swordsman i can wield 3 blades. I hold hands with most people. I sometimes hold grudges, but I have a huge heart. I'd rather help someone else then help myself. I'm laughing constantly, easily amused. I like change. I love it when it's cold outside. I still act like I'm 5 years old, but in a good way. I'm loud as fuck when I wanna be. I smile as if nothing in the world can put me down. I hate it when people walk slow in front of me. I love photography and art. Creativity is very important in life, without it life is boring. I can speak 12 different languages. I draw, and I'm pretty good at it. I'm not conceited. But I do have many talents that I'm good at. I'm a very laid back person. I'm easy to get along with. I don't think I'm pretty.I'm not "emo", "scene", or whatever label you wanna call me. I'm just me, got it? I'm pretty damn unique, there is no one like me. Horror movie freak. The worst songs always get stuck in my head. I have bad luck. I don't trust people too easily. I keep walls up around my heart. It isn't because "I've been hurt too many times, blah blah blah" The same sob story everyone says. It's to see who cares enough to break through the walls. I can be a really big asshole/bitch/cunt, whatever. But I can also be the sweetest person you've ever met. I'm pretty easy to get along with. No one controls me, I do whatever the fuck I want. Massages feel amazing. I hate going to the dentist. I sound like I'm 12 on the phone. I'm a kid at heart. I'm obsessive and a freak. I'm a klutz, unless I'm dancing. I do and say things without thinking at times.I don't take my pants off for just anyone. I've done some pretty stupid shit in my past, but I learned and grew up a tad bit. Not very much though. I have done some horrible things in my past, but I'm trying to make up for it. I don't bite. Much. ;] the problem is that we always gotta know, is there someone to love us through all the lows, tears to make us weak, until we let it all go, but you gotta let go or you will never really know.
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