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Dfssdfsdfdsf image

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Shared by: tarunsagar
since Thursday, 01-Mar-12 11:39:00 PST

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Dfssdfsdfdsf Image
By: tarunsagar
5.8/10 2


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03/01/12 11:42 am     By: tarunsagar    To: tarunsagarred flag Flag | reply Reply
User gravatarHey BABY.........
All Girls n Boys r.. U know Me......................
sO...Hi's!! My name is Tarun, I'm read in class 11th......!! I love night time. FUCK THE
SUN!. The light is overrated
anyway. I find most things
overrated but whatever hehe.
Cloudy and cold days make me
happy. I love my Laptop, foreign
accents, fishnet clothing, movies
And music.I like artsy & gothic
things, intelligence, uniqueness,
70's rock. Also fan of games
and comic books =)..! Some
of my many interests :
cinematography, acting, film-
making, editing, 3d animation, anime,
graphics, web design, art,
dreamweaver, photography, black
& white photography, digital
cameras, pictures, PHOTOSHOP........!!
I LOVE ENRIQUE IGLESIAS Songs, I LOVE Hip Hop Music, Tattoos, Guitar, guitar solos,

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