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Shared by: louise tiscareno
since Sunday, 12-May-13 07:33:56 PDT

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Ax 3 Image
Ax 3
By: louise tiscareno
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Twitter Background Size: Making the Most out of Your Twitter Background
Tags: twitter background size
by DesignPax
Twitter, like Facebook is a wonderful tool for businesses to use to communicate, build their brand and market to customers and potential customers alike. With Twitter you can create a custom background on your profile page that will work wonders for your business.
If you’ve had a Twitter account for a while, then chances are that your Twitter background (if custom made) is no longer the best. This is because Twitter just made changes in September to the site. Included in these changes were changes to the Twitter background size. Backgrounds that once appeared flawless are probably not sized correctly anymore. If you’re new to Twitter the Twitter background size will be important for you to know as you create your profile. Today, we’re here to help you with Twitter background sizes so you can get the most out of your Twitter background.
Twitter Background Size: Width
Twitter Background Size: Additional Information
Finally, regarding Twitter background size, on your Twitter profile you have your timeline and then a column to the right of it. This column has opacity of 75 percent, which means that it is slightly see-through. The color that you choose for this column and the background image you use will influence how readable the items in this column actually are.  
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DesignPax.com Blog

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