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Application Server 2 image

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Shared by: Jerald Brown
since Sunday, 12-May-13 10:23:14 PDT

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Application Server 2 Image
Application Server 2
By: Jerald Brown
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Andreas Fendri says:
This icon set is very nice, cute and I really love it very much! I think I will use one of them to replace the prev twitter icon on my site. thanks. Great work
JenniC says:
These little Tweeters are gorgeous. Thank you for the download.
Alexander Davis says:
You guys make amazing Icons. I have featured some of your sets on my Icon Site. Your Bright Icon set is great and it currently featured on the front page. Hope you guys keep on pumping out great Icons.
BenDesign says:
Great Icons. Thank you for uploading them.
Stacking Office Chairs says:
WOW, thats about all I can say! Your icons are beautiful. You have displayed more talent in one set of icons than I could put on display in a months work. Great job.
Renato Borges says:
Muito boms os icones
Twibies Admin says:
Jeevan says:
Cute twitter icons. Good job.
beierli says:
beierli ugg I’m glad to let you know that your icon set has been reviewed and deemed suitable for our gallery.
MyBB says:
very nice
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