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Bell3 4 image

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Shared by: Jerald Brown
since Sunday, 12-May-13 17:58:27 PDT

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Bell3 4 Image
Bell3 4
By: Jerald Brown
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Icon Design Made Simple
How to create a glossy button icon (revisited)
Whatsoever method you choose to follow, please keep in mind that all of your icons should be designed with the same technique, giving a family relationship to them all (involved in color and lighting). The simpler an icon looks, the easier it is to create it. However, to give it simplicity and sensibility, long-time experience is required.
In this article, we continue to deal with some last-but-not-least issues regarded as indispensable post-tasks in icon design: pixelation, resizing, retouching and exporting.
As mentioned in the beginning of our last post, we had to cut the old long article into small and separate subjects for easier discussion. So today, we are going to continue to get back and dig into other essential aspects that have hugely significant effect in our icon creation: Material, Coloration and Gradient. This topic has been revised and updated as well.
Lighting in Icon Design (revisited) 3
In this article, we are going to share with you some aspects of lighting and how to make it fruitful to our icon creation. Meanwhile, there are some new techniques in term of lighting we hope you will discover, too.
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