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Emoticon Wink 15 image

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Shared by: Frantz Leuenberger
since Saturday, 25-May-13 09:35:03 PDT

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Emoticon Wink 15 Image
Emoticon Wink 15
By: Frantz Leuenberger
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Realistic Vista Icons - Axialis Software - Free Image Object Packs
Realistic Buttons
Usage: Creation of icons for websites and applications.
Author: Axialis Team
License Type : Royalty-free, Axialis user license (see Agreement)
Recommended Products:
Pack reserved for registered customers - Trial pack available
Below is an example of icon set which can be done in a few minutes using this pack:
What is an object and how to create icons from objects?
To get more information about objects, icons and icon creation, visit the links below:
How to download and install the Package?
Installing packages downloaded from Internet is potentially dangerous.
Install packages that you download on Internet may contain viruses. However your security is our priority and all our files are digitally signed and periodically tested against all known viruses. Also, if you have an Antivirus software installed, the file will be automatically checked before it is launched.
Contents of the pack
Below are listed all the objects included in the pack. Some objects are available in various colors, others in one color only. It's not a problem since an unlimited variety of color versions can be created for each object by its adjusting Hue/Saturation. You can even create your own object versions. Here are samples of icons you can create with this pack:
Objects are drawn on a gray background to show the various lightning effects available (which would not be visible on a white background).
For each symbol, 4 derived versions are available: Black Emboss, Black Glossy, White Emboss and White Plastic. An additional set composed of blank objects (white and without shadows) has been added to permit you to create your own effects in Photoshop or any other image editor. See below all the derived symbols (click on thumbnail images to enlarge):
Black Emboss :
Black Glossy :
White Emboss :
White Plastic :
Circle (78 Objects):
Octagon (78 Objects):
Rounded Square (78 Objects):
Triangle (78 Objects):
Ready-To-Use (33 Objects):
How to recreate the sample icons using the image objects?
If you want to practice with image objects, we recommend you to recreate the sample icons as described below:
3. Create each icon using the images specified below (First image to add is on top of list):
Add the following images into your project:
Add the following images into your project:
Add the following images into your project:
Add the following images into your project:
Add the following images into your project:
Enjoy... :)

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