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Iconfactory : Search : How do I export icons out of Pixadex?
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Similar Results
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What is Pixadex?
Pixadex is a Mac application that lets you organize your icons into collections to search them quickly and easily.
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Why use iContainers instead of standard icons?
There are many advantages to using iContainers including searchable terms, author information and much more.
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Can multiple Macs share a single Pixadex icon library?
No, Pixadex's Icon Library was not designed to be shared. Bad things may happen if you attempt to do so.
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How do I back up Pixadex's icons for safe keeping?
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Why does my search not return many results?
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What does an orange warning triangle on an icon mean?
The icon does not contain native resources for the size setting you have selected and is being scaled up or down.
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Can Pixadex import and export Windows .ICO files?
Yes indeed it can! When you import them they are automatically converted to Mac format. Exporting is easy too.
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Can I change where Pixadex stores its icons?
Yes! You can easily customize where Pixadex stores its Icon Library by selecting Preferences from the Pixadex menu.
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Can I transfer my Pixadex icons to CandyBar?
Yes, open both programs and simply drag and drop icons from Pixadex to the appropriate well in CandyBar.
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Where are the icons imported into Pixadex stored?
Pixadex stores its icon library inside the Application Support Folder or in a custom location of your choosing.
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In order to make it easy for you to find what you are looking for, we have built some features into our search engine that allow you to customize your search:
Helpful Search Tips
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