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Shared by: Dieter Schirmer
since Sunday, 12-May-13 13:41:24 PDT

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48x48 Print Image
48x48 Print
By: Dieter Schirmer
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Icon Design Blog
We help getting your app designed and to market
App Icon UI Design Blog
Welcome to an app design blog from Aimup Apps. We're definitely better at drawing than writing so please feel free to check out some of our work here.
Home screen launcher icons, what are they? and how to add one to your website?
Apple touch icons or Website launcher icons whatever you prefer to call them are simply the icons which are used if you save a website to the home screen of your smart phone.
This quick blog post will show you how to add the high quality launcher icons to your website header
Name them accordingly:
These files will then need adding to the root folder of your website
Why you should start your app with Icon Design not only finish it!
If you are a iOS Developer looking for just for app icon design please spare a thought for the rest of the app too we would love to work with you on the whole UX of .the app.
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Background image sizes and filenames - iPhone, iPad guidelinesApp icon sizes and filenames - iPhone, iPad and iTunes guidelinesWhat influences your app purchases most?Home screen launcher icons, what are they? and how to add one to your website?Why you should start your app with Icon Design not only finish it!

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