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Shared by: R A Hawley
since Tuesday, 14-May-13 11:39:29 PDT

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Barcode 9 Image
Barcode 9
By: R A Hawley
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What you Should Know When Choosing a WordPress Theme
Tags: wordpress design, Wordpress tips, wordpress widgets
by Roy
Wordpress themes are offered in abundance for people looking to create a unique blog they can post news about their industry, business, or just their personal life. Themes are essentially just the look and navigation of the blog. A theme includes backgrounds, a comment system, and everything else a reader sees and uses when they visit a blog.
Restaurant Facebook Covers – The Essentials
Tags: facebook cover design, facebook design tips, facebook fan page design
by Roy
The cover photo of a Facebook profile fan page is a company’s big shot to get people interested in liking their page. Cover photos are the perfect online branding tool – and since eating is such a visual experience, restaurants have a unique advantage when it comes to picking out their cover photo.
Redesigning your Website for a Special Occasion
Tags: redesigning a website, special web design, Web design
by Roy
As the holiday season approaches, you’re likely to come across websites featuring little snowmen and twinkle lights. These additions to websites which usually loo the same can be fun and festive. However, before making the choice to redesign your website for a special occasion, there are a few things to consider.
Icons for Children – What Works?
Tags: icon design, icon designer, icons for children
by Roy
If your customer base includes children, it is important icons are designed specifically for them. Not only will this add to the overall child-oriented look and feel of your website, but it will also connect with children more directly, making them more devout fans.
Can Funny Landing Pages be Taken Seriously?
Tags: landing page design, landing page design technique, web designer
by Roy
If you are looking for a way to take a landing page from boring to scoring, humor can seem appealing. This kind of traction is appealing to anyone with a website – but can a funny landing page be taken seriously?
Where do you Learn to be a Web Designer?
Tags: web design tips, web designer, web designer qualification
by Roy
The field of web design is growing and many artsy people are looking for a way to break in. Here are some ways to get started in web design.
Website and Landing Page Design – What Level of Continuity is Necessary?
Tags: Continuity between web and landing page design, landing page design, Web design
by Roy
Unforgettable Logos
Tags: logo design, successful logo, unforgettable logos
by Roy
Logos make the business world go round. Here are some of the most unforgettable and successful logos of all time.
Twitter Twit – The Most Popular
Tags: twitter promotion tips, twitter twits, twitter's most popular
by Roy
Rebranding your Company – How to Choose the New Logo
Tags: logo design, logo design importance, original logo
by Roy
Rebranding your company means taking a look at all current design work, including your logo, and deciding whether or not change is in order. Here are some ideas for what rebranding might mean for your logo.
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Recent Posts
What you Should Know When Choosing a WordPress Theme
Restaurant Facebook Covers – The Essentials
Redesigning your Website for a Special Occasion
Icons for Children – What Works?
Can Funny Landing Pages be Taken Seriously?
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