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Data Copy 5 image

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Shared by: Frantz Leuenberger
since Saturday, 25-May-13 05:23:29 PDT

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Data Copy 5 Image
Data Copy 5
By: Frantz Leuenberger
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Custom iPhone Icon Designer – app icon designer
We help getting your app designed and to market
Let award winning App Icon Designer help you take off
App Icon Designer Services
Custom app icon design
Icon sizes we create as standard: iPads, iPhone, iPhone 4, iPhone 5.
Why stop at the icon design? UI's need love too!
App interface design is also a service Aimup Apps excelles in. Having worked on many application icon and user interface designs, they are able to work from any stage you are at. Whether in early wireframe layouts or working versions of the app get Aimup to help develop a usable and stylish interface.
Custom iPhone tab bar icon design
These small monochrome tab bar Icons can be custom created for each app. It is essential these communicate the app functions properly, ensuring your app has the professional finish and usability it deserves.
Navigation bar design is a small change that can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your app. Commissioning custom navigation bar and button graphics in your interface can help tie the Icon design into the interface and provide a very professional finish.

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