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Bear 10 image

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Shared by: R A Hawley
since Tuesday, 14-May-13 13:10:13 PDT

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Bear 10 Image
Bear 10
By: R A Hawley
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Tags: landing page analysis
by DesignPax
Back by popular demand is another landing page analysis. Upon first glance, this landing page stands out and catches our attention. The colors and background images combine to make a compelling picture that really draws the reader in. Let’s take a closer look.
(Image resized to fit post)
The color is one of the things that instantly draws in readers’ attention. There are three main colors – grey, green and yellow. In an interesting use of color, the background colors are muted and the pops of yellow draw attention to the important points on the page. Additionally, the green used is reminiscent of the green on the company’s website making it easily recognizable.
White Space
The use of white space on this landing page design is interesting. While the background isn’t white space per se, it still works as white space. The background is a landscape which doesn’t take attention away from the information on the page and instead it leaves the page feeling spacious.
There are two types of images on this landing page: background images that could be considered part of the scenery and a pie chart. The pie chart is at the top of the page and adds useful information to the meaning of the landing page, while the remainder of the images are near the bottom of the page and contribute to the scenery. Overall the images really add to this landing page.
We’ve already mentioned the use of green to link the landing page to the company website. The company logo is right smack at the top of the page leaving no doubt in readers’ minds where they are. Additionally, the title at the very top of the page states exactly what it is.
This is a very informative landing page. The topic is right there at the top and users can’t miss it or the meaning. The very most important information is also at the top of the page. The first few sentences explain what the product is and what it delivers. The more detailed information is at the bottom of the page and stated in a very persuasive way. Finally, this landing page makes good use of user testimonial which isn’t seen on all landing pages.
Call to Action
Located at the top of the page directly under an explanation of the product is the call to action. It could not be more clear or in a better position on the landing page. It’s clear, visible and concise.
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