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Shared by: Frantz Leuenberger
since Saturday, 25-May-13 11:04:35 PDT

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Preview Holodark Mobile Image
Preview Holodark Mobile
By: Frantz Leuenberger
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Tutorial - Create an animated cursor from a filmstrip - Axialis Software
Create an animated cursor from a filmstrip
This article provides information on the following topics:
Required Resources
Tryout or Professional Edition
We recommend to learn more aboutcursors before following this tutorial
A filmstrip containing several frames of an animation
(frames are placed next to each other in the same image)
Other methods are available to create animated cursors from existing documents. See the following topics:
Opening the filmstrip file in Axialis CursorWorkshop
browse your folders and select your filmstrip file (Windows® standard dialog box).
A built-in Axialis File Browser window opens. Browse your disks, see
the thumbnail preview and double-click the filmstrip file you wish to open.
In the Recently
Used zone (in the main toolbar), type the full
pathname of the filmstrip file you wish to open then hit Enter.
Axialis CursorWorkshop
much more convenient to create cursors. The following image formats can
Creating the animated cursor from this filmstrip image
3. If your filmstrip is opaque, you can create transparent areas. Using the following tutorial, you can easily transform the white background to transparency: Add Transparency to an Opaque Image.
5. Choose Image/Create
6. The dialog
box New Animated Cursor From a Filmstrip opens
7. In the Project Name group
read more about the cursor specifications see What
click OK. The cursor is automatically
Setting the hot spot
is a Cursor for more info).
3. Select Draw/Set Cursor Hot Spot or press K. Click to the location of the hot spot..
4. The new location flashes for a short moment. The new hot spot location is now defined.
Related Topics
make cursors
Send us feedback about the site.
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