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Shared by: Frantz Leuenberger
since Saturday, 25-May-13 14:08:48 PDT

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Image 17 Image
Image 17
By: Frantz Leuenberger
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Tutorial - What is an Image Object? - Axialis Software
What is an Image Object?
This article provides information on the following topics:
Why Image Objects ?
Graphics are among the primary ways of advertising the sale of goods or services. This is true for computing, when designing software, or creating website interfaces. However most of us are not graphic designers and we find it difficult to create attractive icons or web graphics.
The challenge is to create interesting custom icons without drawing skills. Using Image Objects is the answer.
You will use a set of Image Objects that have already been designed by a skilled computer graphic artist, and assemble them together to create a final artwork that will meet your needs. Using a set of existing image objects the possibilities are almost infinite. You can create many different icons or graphics simply by adjusting various parameters of each object like Hue (teint), Saturation, Brightess, Contrast, Size, Opacity and more.
For example, using 6 image objects from our Glossy Buttons object pack, you can easily create an attractive help icon:
This association can be easily done with Axialis CursorWorkshop using a few mouse clicks
and drag-and-drops. Creating different versions of a cursor is very easy
with this pack. See below some examples of made in a few
minutes simply using the mouse and without drawing one pixel (non-exhaustive
list of course!):
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Specifications of an Image Object
An Image Object is a simple raster or vector image which can be saved as in standard or proprietary file format. However, to comply with Axialis requirements, image objects must match the following specifications:
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Different Types of Image Objects
All Image Objects are simple images, however we can categorize them as three types:
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Using Image Objects with Axialis Products
Currently Axialis CursorWorkshop and Axialis CursorWorkshop support image
objects. In the near future, the Axialis Professional Screensaver Producer and CursorWorkshop will support image objects. New Image Object packs will be available on a regular basis for download from our website. Packs are free but some of them are reserved to registered customers. Additionally, third-party authors may propose their own Object packs (additional fees may be required to purchase these). Links to selected Object packs will also be added to our website object page.
Using Image Objects in Axialis products is child's play. The installation is easy and fully automated. Objects are added in the Axialis Librarian folder and appear in the associated integrated window (present in all Axialis products). Once the pack is installed, manipulating Objects is highly intuative and a lot of fun. Everything can be achieved simply by using drag and drop movements with the mouse as shown below:
To learn how to create icons from Image Objects we recommend you read the tutorial: How to Use Image Objects to Create Icons.
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