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Ip Icon 02 Snapshot G image

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Shared by: Frantz Leuenberger
since Saturday, 25-May-13 14:32:45 PDT

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Ip Icon 02 Snapshot G Image
Ip Icon 02 Snapshot G
By: Frantz Leuenberger
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Customize your Screensaver Icon
Customize your Screensaver Icon
A screensaver is a program (see What
is a screensaver). Therefore, it contain an icon. This icon is used
to display it in Windows Explorer or when you create a Shortcut to it
in the Desktop for example. A standard icon is used but it's now possible
to customize it.
What is an Icon?
An icon is
a graphic image, a small picture or object that represents a file, program, web
page, or command. Icons help you execute commands, open programs or documents
quickly. You can easily create your own icon file using Axialis
To get more
information on icons read this topic: What's an Icon?
the screensaver icon
compatible icon is ready and saved in as an ICO file on your disk, open
your screensaver project. Compile it either as SCR or as Install Package.
Choose Project/Compile an Installable
Screen Saver File (Shift+F4) or Project/Compile
a Screen Saver File (F4).
5 if you choose to create an install package.
3. Click on
the option Use a custom icon for the
fields below are automatically enabled.
4. In the edit
zone, enter the full path to your
dialog box. The icon must be compliant with PSSP specifications. It must
include the following formats:
learn how to create such an icon, see this topic: Create an Icon for your Screensaver using
5. Once the
pathname has been entered you see a preview of the icon image in the window
on right.
6. If this is
the right icon, click Next. If
the icon has the correct format (see specs above), you can continue the
compilation wizard. Finish the compilation and test it to see if the icon
has been properly changed.
EXE file if you have chosen to create an installation package. The procedure
is similar and the icon should have the same specs. Click on the Advanced Customization button in Step
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