Floral Decoration clip art

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<!-- Size: 140 px -- >
<a href="/cliparts/9/e/f/c/11971002771061243725johnny_automatic_floral_decoration.svg.thumb.png"><img src="/cliparts/9/e/f/c/11971002771061243725johnny_automatic_floral_decoration.svg.thumb.png" alt='Floral Decoration clip art'/></a>
<!-- Size: 340 px -- >
<a href="/cliparts/9/e/f/c/11971002771061243725johnny_automatic_floral_decoration.svg.med.png"><img src="/cliparts/9/e/f/c/11971002771061243725johnny_automatic_floral_decoration.svg.med.png" alt='Floral Decoration clip art'/></a>
<!-- Size: 640 px -- >
<a href="/cliparts/9/e/f/c/11971002771061243725johnny_automatic_floral_decoration.svg.hi.png"><img src="/cliparts/9/e/f/c/11971002771061243725johnny_automatic_floral_decoration.svg.hi.png" alt='Floral Decoration clip art'/></a>

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Shared By: OCAL 12-07-2007

Floral Decoration Clip Art

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Another great one, thanks! :)

Hi Fallendarling, I know what you are talking about :) !!! clicking the picture itself brings you back to the same page - and that it useless, since you are already on the page. This is an obvious broken *usability* function. That will definitely get fixed. So to sum up this talk, I have a very big feature that I'm busy trying to finish for the next 10 days approx. Then, I will dedicate around two weeks for interface fixes, which include making downloads easier and other suggestions made by other users that I think will greatly enhance clker. Thanks, Mohamed

Hi, you sure are quick to respond! I think that is another reason this site is superior. Thanks for your attention to comments. Have a great day.

Lenna wrote: "the download side of things is more complex" One other thing which makes the downloading "seem" complex when it really isn't complex at all... If you click the actual picture itself, it leads back to the same page you were on... and it makes you think that somehow the picture auto-downloaded. (It doesn't auto-download though... so when you go look for it in your Downloads folder, and it's not there, then you wonder what you did wrong.) I think the confusion could best be eliminated by making it so that if the user clicks the picture, it gives them a popup which says something like... "To download this picture, use the text buttons below the picture: PNG LOW, PNG MED, PNG HI, SVG, ODG. Simply click the button of the file format you wish to download, then on the next page, right-click the image and save it." Of course, now that I have used the site for awhile, I know that you can actually simply right-click the PNG HI button and "save link as" at least on Linux you can... so that makes it even EASIER!! I don't know if the same thing can be done on Windows or Mac but am pretty sure it can. Many sites don't allow you to use right click and "save link as" on the top page of an image like clker does. That's why in my opinion this site is superior. It makes it very fast to save the image you want.

Hi fallendarling, Thanks for feedback. I will test some ideas taking into account your feedback, which is very helpful. I will probably make the download part little bigger with clearly distinct font and different background as you suggested. Thanks for the feedback, Mohamed

Lenna wrote: "the download side of things is more complex" Hi Lenna! I remember when I was new to clker... I was a bit confused at first too... but after you get used to it... I hope that you will find (like I did!) that it is one of the most efficiently laid-out sites, as far as downloading. In fact, I rarely use any other site nowadays. It may be slightly confusing at first... but it is very simple and easy to use once you understand the system. To Mohamed Ibrahim: The main thing which confused me when I first became a user here, was how the PNG HI, SVG, etc... look like plain text... it took me a long time to realize that they are indeed icons. I bet that I clicked the little "thumbs up" and "thumbs down" pictures hundreds of times at first, thinking they were the download icons (because they were directly above the PNG HI / SVG text). Is it possible that you can keep the plain text icons but perhaps make their backgrounds colored somehow (maybe a very plain simple light-colored background for each filetype button?) so that the icons could still be very small filesize and not take up much space... but they would look more like they were clickable... and they would then look separate from the brightly colored thumbs up/thumbs down icons too maybe. I am asking this because I think it would eliminate a lot of new user confusion. But it would not result in mucking up the layout of the site, which I believe is very good.

thanks I did eventually work out how to download the image I was after, but I don't think the site is very easy to navigate through. The main emphasis is how to uplaod, whereas the download side of things is more complex. thanks once again

Good point... we will work a home icon that links to the home page. Currently, if you click on the logo you will return to the home page. To download a vector file click on the image to browse to its page. Under the large image you should see a little icon that says SVG. Right click the icon and select Save As or Save Target As. Mohamed

I am finding it very difficult to understand how you get back to Clker home page and also how you download a vector file???

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