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Hardcopy 21 image

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Shared by: Frantz Leuenberger
since Saturday, 25-May-13 13:09:41 PDT

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Hardcopy 21 Image
Hardcopy 21
By: Frantz Leuenberger
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We help getting your app designed and to market
Windows 8 App Icon design
Aimup Apps first icon design for a Windows 8 Application tile was received by a very happy client in Finland today. We look forward to many more!
New Android app icon design for Car Home Ultra
The Spinning Head, an android app developer with catalogue of successful apps has just released an update to CarHome Ultra sporting a beautifully designed Icon - even if we do say so ourselves.
First of many Android icon designs
Not one.. but two app icons designed and live this month already!
A good start to the year already with two of our App Icons making it to the app store. We have recently finished the Icon design and simple UI for Zodicards (The Fortune telling app) and iSubliminal (A subconscious mind tool) two new apps developed by Apache Apps.
More app icon recognition
Aimup Apps has been listed again for the best looking
App Icon Designer now on Twitter :) Follow us
Aimup Apps is finally tweeting, see what they have to say, and get some free icon goodness, which is in the works. Follow on Twitter
Another Icon Design for Feel Free Apps - QR Scanner Icon
Hungry Bug Game launched!
Inspiring Recognition
AimUp's App Icon Designers begin work with a new start up!
We have began work with a new exciting American start-up that could be huge! Exciting times watch this space!
Another win! AimUp Apps chosen to design icon and interface for Convert Units app
On the back of the successful Super Crop branding, Icon and Interface design, Feel Free Apps has again put its faith in AimUp Apps to Design the Interface and Icon for Convert Units - their most popular app.

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